iPad Pro Optimization


Okay tell me I’m not crazy.
It’s been too long I’ve lost my track of times I don’t play Hearthstone on my favorite device anymore.
Does the developer team even care?

I’ve read almost every post about this issue in the forums and each time the “Customer Support” just lock the thread and we never heard any actual progress that anyone is fixing this issue.
In recent updates still no optimization for 11-inch iPad Pro screen aspect. I swear if they lock this post again I will lost my last faith of my used-to-be favorite game.

IPad Pro screen resolution

Seriously. There is no excuse for a game with this much popularity. The 11 inch iPad has been out for more than half a year. Why can’t we get resolution to fit.


There been 3 updates to the iOS app in the last week or so and none of them addressed the resolution. It looks like they just want to push the pre-purchase of the next expansion instead of actually address an issue. The sad thing is that this issue was resolved for a few months and then it was broken again. One would think that with all the forum threads about this topic they would finally fix it and fix it for good… Seriously, fix the stupid resolution for the iPad Pro 11 (2018).


Bump for lazy devs and arrogant moderators.


each time the “Customer Support” just lock the thread and we never heard any actual progress that anyone is fixing this issue.


I swear if they lock this post again I will lost my last faith of my used-to-be favorite game.

If they do lock this one, then just start a new one and if they lock that one, start another one…just keep doing it until they finally listen!


I’ll never forget the idea of this game on tablet so perfect. It’s sad. I’ve deleted the app. I have no problem saving money.


So you guys just closed yet another thread on IPad Pro resolution issue without answering any of our questions. Is that how you deal with problems and treat your customers? Is that the best you can do Blizzard? Do you even have a customer support department because at this stage I’m doubting it.

When are you going to fix IPad Pro resolution bug in Hearthstone? What’s the timeline? Why is it taking so long? Can we have someone from Blizzard actually answering a question here?


Thanks for your reports everyone! I’m sorry that the thread closed wasn’t vocalized. It was closed due to the initial crashing issues for the 14.2 patch were addressed and it was bumped up after the 14.6 updates which has its own thread now.

But as a result of the 14.2 crash fix, this caused some optimization issue with the iPad Pro which resulted in the thread to report multiple different issues.

To keep things very transparent, I updated the title here and merged a few common threads, specifically for iPad Pro optimization concerns so that we can focus on this thread until the issue is resolved - and hopefully, prevent any further locked threads or a mix up of different issues.

As an update, we’re still waiting for a fix on this. Due to game engine updates required, this is taking much longer than expected to resolve. Since we’ll need to go through optimizing on the update, testing the compatibility of the devices, going through the approval process through all the App Stores, and then hopefully getting this pushed to everyone soon!

It’s frustrating and inconvenient for all of our Hearthstone community members who regularly play on an iPad. It’s been a long, on-going problem that has a fairly complex fix to resolve both the iOS crashes and the iPad Pro optimization issues.

With this said, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Still no exact ETA, but I hope that we can continue to provide updates and be more transparent with the issue when we have more information to provide :slight_smile:

iPad Pro optimization
iOS Crash after patch

Any updates? Is anything happening with this? Any progress?


No new updates yet, but I’m keeping track of the issue and will update this thread when we do have any updates or news available for everyone.

Feel free to mark this thread to tracking for updates! Thanks again for checking up with us and your patience!


So another update and still nothing? How many months are we already waiting? It’s cool that someone is now replying here but saying ‘be patient’ once a month doesn’t really cut it, does it?


I am in complete disbelief that this is still an issue. It would be at least somewhat understandable if this was a defunct indie game ran by 1 person out of a garage but Blizzard… cmon. Another big update without optimization… sucks I’ve been an iPad exclusive player since 2014 and have spent a lot of $$ on the game. I was hoping this update would be the one but my hopes have been let down once again. Not excited about the new xpac now and will not be buying


I agree that this issue feels as if it’s gone unsolved for far too long. It’s been three or four patches since the optimization issue returned. It’s disappointing.


You should really prioritize this. I nearly stopped playing since this bug appeared the second time. I simply do not enjoy the game in low resolution and with black borders. I would think that just from the money i did not pay you becouse of this you could hire the programmer who would fix it for you. And you can be sure it is not just me.


This is insane. I am gutted.

  1. How is Apple even letting them get away without updating the resolution?
  2. Surely Blizzard realize that the WHALES are more likely to have the latest iPad…

Let’s just keep blindly hoping. I spend a lot on this game and for what it’s worth I haven’t played since I upgraded my iPad.



So FOUR MONTHS after the initial FIX was reverted, still nothing?? Here I was almost certain that with the new xpac would obviously be the fix…super hyped for new xpac. nope. Hype gone.

I get some things take time. Really. But considering blizzard had ALREADY FIXED IT and then reverted their OWN FIX and then claim ‘its difficult guys!..’ doesn’t make any sense at all. I’m now questioning if the blizz are actually intending to support the iPad pro at all?

I drop over 400 a year (400!!!) to enjoy this game…

Just wow.


That last update wasn’t an update.

It’s a little like…
Imagine asking people to get on a plane with you and saying “No idea if we can even make it, nor how long the flight is…but please still get on the plane with us and pay us $$$! Flying is hard Ok!”

No one is requesting an ‘exact’ ETA; though perhaps a simple “This year” would be something. At least then I’d not be thinking about uninstalling and selling my iPad.


Don’t worry guys, some intern from “customer support” will come here in a couple of days to write the usual “there are no updates yet, team is aware” crap and it will go nowhere.

It’s beyond belief how terrible Blizzards customer service is. Such a huge developer, game that people spend hundreds of $$$$ on every year and such a disappointing and disrespectful behavior towards its customers.


I have now reported the iPad Pro issue through the Apple Support App.
iPad Pro support.——> Apps & Features ——> App doesn’t work as expected
Chatted to Apple customer service - who logged a ticket for the problem. Initially, Apple asks you to revert to the developer - but I responded that no response from developer is forthcoming.
Suggest others do the same.
Leaving this unresolved for this long is simply not good enough.


I have done the same. However, the person I talked to recommended that I post on Apple feedback/itunesapp.html “So that our dedicated team member will go through the feedback and get in touch with the app developer to work on the same.”