Introducing Mass Pack Opening: The New Way to Open Your Pre-Purchase Bundles

Introducing Mass Pack Opening: The New Way to Open Your Pre-Purchase Bundles

Come learn more about how Mass Pack Opening and other changes will be replacing Fireside Gatherings ahead of Hearthstone’s next expansion.

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I am really happy for that, it was really about time to do something…

" As part of this change, we’re planning on adding a way for players to get the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero portrait and the Fireside Gatherings card back in-game. We’ll share more details once they’re ready."

I was really dissapointed because was not able to get the very first card back of the game ever had… the Fireside… However I had the necessary rank at that time… just didn’t have 1 star in it… and thats why I and a lot of other players didn’t get this card back… managed to get them only from the 2nd one, Pandaria. :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:

By the way… don’t you want to restore Uther avatar to US forums by any chance finally? … I am missing it so much… :\


This is welcomed news …but I can’t help but think “what will this break?”

You do know that there are still game crashes on mobile nearly every game?

This is happening on multiple very capable devices. Galaxy fold 4, iPads, latest iPhones …etc.

Yes I know there’s a bug/technical support section, but it looks like no one is being heard there. Especially if these issues persist for MONTHS.

Also the fireside gathering news is sad.


This is sad news about Fireside Gatherings. I loved them and they allowed me to make connections with local fans IRL.


It is a little heartbreaking to see the fireside scene go, I used to host and participate a lot. When the tavern heroes program died that took a lot of excitement out of the fireside scene, I hope that they find something else to get the community re-engaged in the competitive and communal aspects of the game but I haven’t seen many steps in the right direction in years. At least the game feels fun again though!


me gustaría que la próxima espansion fuera la clase del monje o otro tipo de clase.

What about the achievement “It’s cozy by the fire”, can it be removed/reworked?

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Maybe…just maybe,

It was because you didn’t promote any sense of community w/ HS players?

  • No public Fireside gatherings in 2023 :woozy_face:
  • Didn’t even bother getting the TITAN recipe brawl working for last gathering
  • Gave out gathering exclusive Nemsy to the entire community
  • Decided to bring back Blizzcon, which relies zero on community effort

I don’t see how Blizzcon, which requires travel around the world and expensive and exclusive tickets will serve the purpose of “serve more of our players throughout the world.”

Being an Innkeeper was definitely one of the highlights of my Hearthstone history. A little bit of the magic has just died today.


Nice about the mass pack opening! Now, forward to developing mass disenchant, as suggested in Disenchanting suggestion: down to 2 cards

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Thank you so much for this feature. The only thing I would like to additionally know is how many packs deep my last legendary was for pity timer purposes.

I understand making the hero portrait available to everyone, since it has nothing to do with fireside gatherings other than unlocking it, but I don’t think the card back should be made available to everyone. It’s called the fireside gathering card back. I worked hard to get my fellow college students together to start a Hearthstone team, and I prize that card back. I get super excited when I see someone else playing with it because, more so than with any other card back, I feel a connection with them because I know they are also dedicated enough to the game to physically go to a local event for it. It’ll feel pretty bad seeing it everywhere and knowing that my most prized possession in the game has been stripped of all meaning.


This is a crazy idea I know…but have the powers that be considered…maybe…bringing back firesides, AND allowing virtual/in games ones?

I’ll take my Nobel now.


I understand your position, but there are tons of players who didn’t get this card back because of an error of Blizzard… me included… and didn’t have chance for Fireside gathering event either… So I am happy for this even if that means anynone can get it for a while. This card back means the Beta phase times and the very first card back ever made for HS. :slight_smile:

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You’re right, Blizzard. Hearthstone is pointless. It’s just a bloody cycle of revenge every time you collectively release a new expansion.

How else do you explain over 50% of the classes and over 70ish% of the types of decks being unplayable in any given meta at any given time throughout the entire games history?

Let’s face it. Your game isn’t about caring for your players uniqueness’s and offering them freedom to explore how they like. It’s about locking them into a negative feedback loop where they give YOU money. Common. Help out a little with some balance for once. It’s so simple. Just a few numbers. We get it. Now actually think about balance in a way to CARE for players, instead of just always trying to initiate the next negative feedback loop to deadlock players like you collectively are just Warlocks with emphasis on the LOCK oppressing your player base.


There will be balance again when they have removed Discovery (30 cards are 30 cards… thats it…), mana cheat, 40 card decks and hand manipulation… Because these are the things which are creating chaos basically… using up a Legendary minion 3 times while it is Legendary… should be able to use it only once… mana cheat which is making it possible to play your whole hand and create an unavoidable kill… Hand manipulation which is giving in 90% your most important cards to the enemy or making them waisted… These are the things which are killing this game… not to mention aggro… which is killing more than half of your HP in 5 turns… ridiculous and pathetic.


If I were to hazard a guess, the skin in question might become available again… for Rune$tones (just like last time). Your suggestion does not account for this outcome, though, so no soup for you!

You own nothing in this game.

Chinese players had their entire accounts. Classic players had their dedicated Classic collections, which were supposed to be playable ‘forever’.

If your favourite card back is less exclusive (besides, it used to be gated by ‘IRL’ requirements rather than something else, one could question how ‘fair’ that is, but it’s not the point), you might consider yourself having got off easy, so to speak, and keep enjoying your favourite memento (after all, nobody is taking away your fond memories)… while it lasts.

No intention to get you down — just a bit of realism here, and I hope this perspective might help you.

How about a cycle of hype and disappointment? Not even my idea, by the way:

So ‘waisted’! :grinning:

Adding that ‘Jade Telegram’ to Twist was a ‘brilliant’ idea, though: let’s backport some *** from the modern… ahem, era to what was supposed to be the old Hearthstone redux.

Ridiculous I say. Ridiculous !


Mass opening packs, are a welcomed change.

Still no auto squelch.


And that has not changed at all, Wild exists and all classic cards can be played there just as they always have.

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Not exactly as they always have since these cards have been updated. The Classic mode allowed to play decks as they were when the game was released. Since this game mode doesn’t exist anymore, the classic collections can also be considered as gone.