What band tour to choose?, whats the difference

With the new expansion there’s this new band tour track, i haven’t picked one yet as don’t know what the differences in rewards are?. There’s jam, masters of soul, and legends of rock, which should i choose or is there no difference

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They reward you with different kinds of class packs and a different hero skin.

Each track will show you the rewards that come with it :smiley:


so you can only choose one hero skin? fomo choices huh


The other hero skins will be available to buy after the event ends


Don’t worry about missing the other headliners’ shows, the hero skins that you do not earn will be available for purchase in the in-game shop during Patch 26.0.

from the patch notes.


oh of course, nm then

Awesome ty!. I got lucky as i got the Warrior one which is the only class i play(been playing since launch, never netdecked so don’t jump from class to class ever, pure Warrior, got over 8k wins with Warrior and most likely double in loses lol). Also means i don’t miss out on any other hero skins.


Is it possible that the main quests are depending on the chosen band? I chose mage (the first band) and now I have to apply ten holy spells to mechs. Uff… which deck uses mech and holy spells?!

Its play mexhs OR holy spells.
Not spells on mechs

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Thanks, I just figured it out as well. In addition, it seems to be bugged, because I just completed it with Zoo Warlock in Classic :wink:

We don’t know whether it’d be purchasable with gold or only with rune$tones or money — something to consider, perhaps.

So I wouldn’t just brush it off.

Yes. So far I’ve found them only in this video, in case someone’s wondering what the tasks are.

PS Chose the track with the druid hero, mostly for that final reward, myself without even knowing the tasks (besides, if you play enough HS, those event tracks might get completed even without any special quests, judging by the previous ones), but it turns out most of the quests for it are completable in Mercenaries (or maybe in Classic), so that could be somewhat fortunate for me in that regard.

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A real easy way to do those quests is to do them in the tavern brawl, since minions count as all types.

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(cue the Padme joke pic)

For gold, right?



So? He was worried that his choice would permanently lock him out of the other 2. I really dont think he cares whether or not they cost gold or money, just that he has access to them if he ever wants them.

Are you a clairvoyant or a telepath? Besides, the assumptions that this isn’t a factor for everyone is a bit… bold, to put it mildly.

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Im not saying it isnt a factor for everyone, but I am assuming it is not in this case for them specifically, because their original thought was that they couldnt be collected at all, and they mentioned nothing about the countless skins in the past that were only purchasable for money, which made this seem like a unique scenario.

Don’t you worry, this is Bli$$ard, they will FOMO your wallet at every chance they can get. I am sure the other two will be fore $ale immediately upon release of the new patch.

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Really makes no difference if you use Mage as your main class. Would have been nice if all the classes could have been included in the choices. Wouldn’t have hurt to included one additional tour…

What makes no difference? A Mage alternate hero as a reward on the respective reward track?

Actually, they are, if you read the tour descriptions. As for the quests, most of them are quite flexible and don’t require playing a specific class.

Yeah, there are no Mage or DK packs, which actually makes some sense for the latter, since there aren’t that many DK cards overall yet, compared to other classes, so such a pack would be too ‘OP’ compared to others, but in the end, it doesn’t look like such a big deal to me. If you do care about that pack, well, too bad.

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Well… Apparently, not.