Introducing Mass Pack Opening: The New Way to Open Your Pre-Purchase Bundles

I agree with you even though i dont have the cardback you worked hard for that cardback i think it’s ok for people not have to have every collectable especially if they did not mak effort for it.

If you get the fireside cardback without hosting it it kind of does lose its novelty in that you could only get it through hosting a fireside i presume.

Lastly the only reason i could come up with why it you could get it without fireside is for covid fears in regions where it still might be an issue.

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i think it is sad and a mistake to end fireside gatherings. i never got to do one or go to one and it was kind of an ideal to play like a tabletop card game with some people to get to know them or that i already knew this digital ccg.


You didn’t have to be the host to get the rewards, you just had to attend. Kudos to all the Innkeepers though, creating great experiences for the rest of us.


Really sad to see this. I’ve been looking for ways to meet fellow hearthstone players in my city. I kept checking to see if a gathering would be made. There’s no way to find friends through this game now since no one is organizing gatherings anymore…

Hmm, try to organize your own Fireside Gathering. Create a topic about it with a nearby city name and check how many ppl start to apply in a month. This forum is active enough I think… but that just an idea of course… :slight_smile: There are also other HS community sites where you can advertise it.

It’s not about my memories, it’s about feeling a connection to anyone else with the card back: “oh hey, you have the card back! You’ve also been to a fireside gathering!” - that’s what’s being taken away from me.

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Hate to break it for you, but, from what I’ve heard, some people were essentially playing with themselves (multiple accounts… same thing with Morgl, by the way) just to get that card back or at least discussed such possibilities. You never know…


As usual instead of investing some time and money into a feature to bring people together physically, blizzard just dumps it.
“we love you blizzard wtih all our heart. your game is excellent, bug-free and free to play friendly as well. I was so happy that Titans came out together with caverns of time. I did not know where to spend my money that is falling out of my wallet.”
So I’m clear. my last sentence means the complete opposite, but blizz just blocks criticism, if written out.
F blizzard. they can rot in capitalist hell

When will mass opening work? Its not working me yet.

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Being a host I am a little disappointed that Firs Side Gatherings have been removed, but they have been closed since COVID started and I have been waiting eagerly to start them again, however this is not going to happen. I am looking forward to Duos, but I think we need something added like a tournament mode or similar to replace it

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