Duels deck issue

This issue has been going on for about 4 days now and I have not been able to fix it.

I started a heroic duels run and got to 11-2 and then in my last game, the game glitched and exited me out. When I reopened and went back to duels it was telling me to start a new run, and I did not get any rewards from the last run, or paid to start a new one. I refreshed several times and that did nothing so I started a new run with the same deck as the last run, and then closed the game and reopened it.
When I got back my old decklist was there from my last run, with my 11-2 record showing, but it still said “Build Deck” instead of “Play.” I tried getting rid of all the cards, I tried adding 15 cards, I tried getting by deck down to 16 cards, but nothing worked. What I believe the issue to be is that I had two of the same signature treasure for my class, (Auto-Armaments) and that is why the game is glitching like this.
I had submitted tickets to blizzard for help, and they told me to come here looking for help. I have been trying to get this fixed and would really appreciate some help or some redirection to somewhere someone can fix this.

TLDR: My duels deck is broken and I need help because I cannot play the game mode anymore until it is fixed

So did you use the autoimport deck function in duels ?
Are you on mobile ?

I am on mobile, and I only did that first to get my deck on my original run before the glitch. When I logged back in after the glitch happened and picked my hero and signature treasure, I closed the game, opened it again and my old deck just appeared there

i know there are other people stuck on mobile after importing 16 cards decks, and the cause like you say it’s you get double signature threasure.
PC version have similar bug, after importing double signature threasure you dont have the button to start , but there going back twice and returning to the deck cration screen removes a card and let you add another and start play.

do you have a way to log on pc version and try to unlock from there ?

I just tried that and it didn’t work. When I enter the deck build screen my 56 card deck is there from the original run, and when I exit and open it again it won’t even let me leave the deck building screen or interact with it in any way other than scrolling through my deck

I’m having a similar issue. Commenting because I hope this topic gets seen. I have submitted a ticket but was told they could not do anything and I would need to wait for a fix from the forums. Being unable to play an entire game mode is frustrating.

For me, I play on mobile and PC and the problem persists across platforms.

link to my topic: Bug: Cannot retire/continue Duels run

I’ve read your post and I’m having pretty much the exact same problem it also happened to me around the update time. If you get yours fixed let me know so I can try it too but otherwise we still need help

Looks like this bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nblLvx7Cey0

The person who had this bug wrote tickets and reports in forums over MONTHS! After 4 months or so someone on the blizzardteam logged on on his account. Since then it works.

That looks like the same issue. Not sure how to get the teams attention though. I had a live chat and a ticket and both times was told they could not do anything and I would have to wait for a fix on the forums.

Like i sais. after a admin went into this guys account it worked again. maybe you can say this to them

Linking another thread that seems to be having the same issue…

There is no specific fix for duels lock , but is possible this will unlock bugged players.

Duels Updates

When the 21.6 patch goes live on November 2, all players’ Duels ratings will be reset and the pool of eligible cards you can use to build your 15-card start deck will be updated to include cards from the new Deadmines Mini-Set. Please note that 21.6 will be the first time that players with active runs are cashed out for rewards based on their run progress when the patch goes live, and those players will be compensated with a Tavern Ticket (much like how active Arena runs are cashed out when sets rotate). Additionally, card buckets will be adjusted to account for the new Mini-Set cards.

That is my hope as well.

Greetings all,

For those of you experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket via our Support site using this link. Be sure to include as many details as you can so that our team can investigate further.

Thank you in advance!