Can't play duels anymore bc of switching device

A few weeks ago I was playing a free duels run. I was 4/0 with my priest deck and then I switched from my laptop to my phone (wanted to take a smoke break while playing) but when I launched the app on my mobile, the game didn’t load. I went back to check my laptop, and I didn’t reconnect to my game there either. I decided to delete my deck on my phone and start another free duels run, again with priest, same starting 16, cause I didn’t want to lose games in a stupid way and I was also aiming for a 12/0 run. I lost my first round with my new deck but here is where it gets weird. I got back to the starting screen for duels where you can enter battles and forfeit your deck. But instead of being 0/1, I was 0/2 and all my treasures from the previous priest run (4/0) were in the list aswell. I am since then unable to queue for games and I cant concede my deck. The only thing I can do is, click on ‘build deck’ (eventho there are 40/16 cards in the deck… o.0) and when Im at the deckmaking page, I can add or delete whatever card I want but I cant click on ‘play’. It’s just so bugged.
I already made 2 tickets for this issue but Blizzard can’t seem to reset my duels run… It’s really frustrating because I am really into duels and would love to play it again but I haven’t been able to play for over 2 weeks because of this weird bug. Also, there are no other posts about this bug.
Someone has a similar story? or knows how to solve this?

I have seen this a few times so I’m copying my comment from another thread.

I’m having a similar issue. Commenting because I hope this topic gets seen. I have submitted a ticket but was told they could not do anything and I would need to wait for a fix from the forums. Being unable to play an entire game mode is frustrating.

For me, I play on mobile and PC and the problem persists across platforms.

link to my topic: Bug: Cannot retire/continue Duels run

Link to another user having the issue.

Greetings all,

For those of you experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket via our Support site using this link. Include any details you can so that our team can investigate further.

Thank you!