Additional Details on Signature Cards

Hello everyone,

After all of the new info we shared in yesterday’s Expansion Announcement Stream, there are a few clarifications we wanted to share regarding Signature Cards:

  • There are 18 Signature cards launching with March of the Lich King (15 of which are Legendaries). The 3 non-legendaries are free, from a launch event. 2 are on the Tavern Pass. The remaining 13 are random drops from bundles/packs.
  • With March of the Lich King packs, Standard packs, and Class packs, Signature cards drop at the same rate as Golden Legendary cards, and are purely in addition to all other drops (other than replacing a Normal Common). As a result, the total legendary drop rate in these packs is slightly higher.
  • In March of the Lich King, Golden Packs have been upgraded to Signature Golden Packs. While these are essentially the same as Golden Packs, they’ll also drop Signatures at triple the Golden Legendary rate, in addition to all other drops (apart from replacing a Golden Common). This means the Legendary drop rate is effectively quadrupled in Signature Golden Packs, to a total (Golden+Signature) of 1 per 5 packs on average.
  • We knew many players would want to get the Signature quality of a card that they already own, so we handle duplicate protection in reverse. They can drop, but when they do, you’ll get a popup that asks if you’d like to reroll your existing normal/golden copy for free. Say yes, and it rerolls to a different card of the same set, rarity, and quality.

So the technology exist; if only it was implemented every time you open a legendary so you can discover it instead of being totally random


Dear Community Manager,

Are golden standard packs going to behave as described in the third bullet? Namely, can we obtain signature drops from the golden standard packs?


Will there be any similar protection for those who end up with signature legendaries (i.e. from the pre purchase mega bundle or opening packs) that also happen to be awards from the tavern pass track?

SOP is that the specific legendaries that are part of the track are eligible for a dust refund for a couple of days after the expansion launches. I would expect that to hold true here as well.

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But that won’t really work in this case as you cannot ‘buy’ alternate signature legendaries with dust. So if you get unlucky by rolling one which is on the rewards track you’ve just lost out.

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This is like working with a used car salesperson.

They want you to pay that new, mint money for a car with a new paint job. Problem is that it’s been sitting on 3 flats for a year, some of the lugs are missing, the homeless use it for a dumpster and there’s a dozen feral animals living in it.

But it has a new paintjob.

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Can you guys ask the devs to balance the cards they already have before adding new ones? That’d be great.

Furthermore, how fast do these devs want these games to be? Can they possible start working on an xpac that doesn’t just cater to the A.D.D crowd? I’d like to actually play the game beyond turn 5 at some point.

Signature cards are different artwork, not engineering (outside of initially adding the new type of card cosmetic. That’s a one-time investment, not something the engineers would need to touch every expansion) . The people who are spending time making content for this are not the people who deal with balance issues. There’s certainly many potential reasons to dislike this, but don’t think it has any effect on game balance, because it doesn’t.

Can these be disenchanted? Do they count towards the pity timer?

Signature cards can’t be crafted or disenchanted.

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Do you know if they count toward the pity timer?

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You can’t get the rewards track signatures from packs. Per the initial announcement and the above post, only the other thirteen signatures can be opened from packs.

Lor’themar and grand magister Rommath have a signature version normally earnable (from packs and pre-order) while also having other versions on the rewards track. It will suck to get Lor’themar from a pack/the pre-order bundle and not getting to reroll the normal version because it’s not disenchantable. Rommath is slightly different but it makes the tavern pass extra unattractive.

And apparently signature cards purposefully don’t have duplicate protection so this will happen to like 15% of people buying the 80$ pre-order bundle getting a lor’themar twice.

Edit: Lor’themar is excluded from the 2 pre-purchase signatures, hooray! Still will be disappointing to see him in a pack, though.


they said it takes the slot of a common card so i guess it means it doesnt

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That would suck. The reward track details are out now. Its only the paid reward track that includes signature cards, but it has signature copies of Lady Deathwhisper and Lord Marrowgar at level 80 and 95. If you already pulled one before then, do you get a re-roll of the signature card you already have?

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If signature cards have a pity counter, I would imagine it to be independent of the normal and golden pity timers. AFAIK, all pity counters are independent.


Looks like we should be OK. This is how duplicate protection will work in future.

New Feature: Improved Duplicate Card Handling

We often include specific non-disenchantable cards as part of Reward Tracks, Events, Achievements, and Shop purchases. Starting with 25.0, if you claim one of these, but already own a lower quality copy that’s disenchantable, you’ll get a popup that offers to re-roll the lower quality copy to a different card of the same rarity from that card set.

For example, Diamond Grand Magister Rommath is on the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass. If you already own a Golden Rommath when you claim the Diamond, you’ll immediately get a popup offering to reroll Golden Rommath into a different March of the Lich King Golden Legendary (which, of course, respects duplicate protection). This feature also applies when you find a Signature card in a pack!

However: So far, there has been a full dust refund if you pull a legendary that is at the start of either reward track. Its possible that this is no longer the case, if we get a re-roll instead. Obviously, given the choice, I’d rather have 1600/3200 dust than a random re-roll. Who wouldn’t?


would be nice if we get the re roll too after all its time limit always been short

and with this change itll help those players who dont start playing a new expansion on day 1

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