Diluted card pool?

It’s not 8%. It’s an 8% total combined chance for every legendary in the game. It’s 0.3% lower for each legendary card. So if I really want Rommath, adding DK legendaries makes me barely less likely to pull him.

Losing 8% of your income or something tangible is not the same as an 8% chance of something. You are finding Death Knight legendaries 7.4% more often (because the chance before was 0), but everything else goes down relatively. It’s split.

That’s a 7% difference, which is still not very big in terms of probability. And this is an absurdly specific circumstance anyway. Your chances before are 7/10, now they’re over 6/10 (closer to 6.5). I don’t think that’s particularly significant.

All your DK legendaries are about as likely to have been another class you don’t want a legendary from.

Its an 8% increase across ALL rarities. You are completely dense and the type of person Blizzard preys on when making changes like this.

Enjoy paying 8% more each year, because that is exactly what you are opening the door to with your attitude towards it.

“but its only 8%” is an absolutely blind comment. Its 8% without any compensation. If they increased the drop rates of epics & legendaries by 8% as well then MAYBE your argument would hold, but they havent/wont.


Okay. So because the odds of pulling a legendary are so low, and the odds of pulling a Death Knight legendary are even lower, adding it to a pool of other things means nothing else’s chances go up much because they all kinda share the brunt of it. Adding 2 cards increases the total card pool (by a little) but the only way, in which increasing the total card pool by 8% would matter is if you got every single card. Then it’d be an 8% cost increase to the set, yes. But I can’t say at least I’ve ever gotten a total set.

Like look, I think the game should be more affordable, I think it’s too expensive, I certainly thought it was way too expensive prior to the rewards track and weekly quests but introducing a new class doesn’t increase the cost much when the whole game is built around probability pulls and crafting.

You really are stupid. Increasing the legendary count by 8% reduce your odds of pulling the one you want by 8%. That means another 20 packs, on average, to have another chance at opening one you do want at a (still) reduced likelyhood.

Your math skills are worse than that of an elementary student. 8% increase in options is NOT negligible on a 0.5-1% chance of opening.

Let me guess, you will believe that because you have a higher set completion ratio than previously, due to commons and rares, you will believe it a success, despite the fact that for a full set, you need MORE packs due to epics & legendaries.

You are exactly the type of gullible person Blizzard is preying on. And dont forget they are also charging for DK’s core set cards, instead of giving them for free like they did with DH.


Why are you focusing on one specific legendary?
If someone wants only 1 legendary per expansion, then they may as well duat everything and crafting it.

Are you suggesting people only buy packs to find 1 and only 1 specific legendary?

I am telling you I play 7/11 factions.
That’s 3 neutrals + 12 legendaries.
It’s a total of 15/23 potential good ones. Now it’s going to be 15/25.

If you still think it’s irrelevant, I think you are either neglecting the problem or you just don’t want to change your mind.
In any case, I am fine with what you think, even if it’s completely wrong mathematically and conceptually

At the end of the day, if you are increasing something by 7.4% (it’s actually more than 8 but whatever), you are also decreasing something by the same number


Like I said elsewhere: It feels like incrementalism.
Does it stop with DK, I wonder?
Pretty sure Team 5 will add more classes if they think those cards will sell.

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So much this. If the rollout of DK had this much predatory monetization (which is saying something in the last three months where is has been thrown out by this team and company like they were a sire who got fed 1000 minions before being played), I hate to see what they will do with Monk.

And I was really looking forward to Chen and Li Li.

actiblizz law of gaming: If there is something that wasn’t broken, they will find a way to muck it up.

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We have TWO new classes without any changes to how often cards show up and how many cards you get per pack. If that isn’t a decrease in your returns, people are blind.

We paywalled BGs outright. That change will be a big deal to a whole bunch of players when quests disappear from the mode and hero choice becomes relevant again.

And they put runestones in to divorce transactions from actual currency, hiding the price of items from everyone. (I’m not going to debate this. If you don’t understand how runestones are designed with the intent of absolutely f ing players over using psychological tricks and deceptive practices, start another thread. Runestones are morally wrong and should be criminal in more countries. I don’t care how many games do it, they’re all criminally wrong as well.)

Thats a pretty hard string of predatory monetization, imo.

It’s shocking to me that people will defend them over these issues as though they enjoy being abused. Seems like we have some players with addiction issues unwilling to seek help.


this is true on its face, but they also added a second way to achieve legendaries this x-pac with the signature cards. so, your chances of getting a legendary increased by %100. that is not insignificant.

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Are you telling me that signature cards have a 40 packs pity timer?
If this is true, then they did an incredible job to increase what we find; but then you have to consider that signature cards are very limited, they aren’t from the whole pool (which may be better or worse, depending on what you are looking for).

But are you really sure they have a 40 packs pity timer? It seems strange to me, because it is very generous and this is the first time I read it (it would have been discussed a lot if it worked like this, so I am skeptical)


You are talking about a separate pity timer for signature cards?
Because that sounds way more generous than I have come to expect from Team 5.

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If it exists, my guess is it is as high as the golden legendaries pity timer.
I would be very surprised if it’s the same of the normal legendaries or slightly higher


Um, no.

Show how you arrived at this conclusion.

Adding a card into the pool doesn’t change any rate of drops, changing rate of drops does.

I did not see anything to suggest this, so if someone has information about this topic I would love to see it.


Signature Legendaries will appear about as often as golden legendaries, but they take the place of what would have been a common in your packs.


That is way more generous than I would have ever imagined this Company to be capable of these days…

Well Done, Blizzard.

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Keep in mind Mall, Golden Legendaries drop once in every 200 or so packs. Dont give them too much credit.


Yeah. There is that. I haven’t gotten a Golden legendary since about 2014.

Oh, wow. So not even remotely like the pity timer for legendaries.

I guess I still have about 175 packs or so before I see a golden legendary… or signature card.

I don’t even like them, tbh, so there’s that.


my fault, the stuff i was reading apparently applied to golden packs not regular. you’re right it sucks hard for ftp, as usual. sorry about the confusion. in the future I’ll try to human less… lol.
ty for correcting me, everyone. sorry i was wrong. it would’ve been cool to give a new pity counter. even if it was 1.5/2 x the legend one. somehow even that meager bone was too much for blizzard to throw.

sadge :frowning:


I remember I opened Golden DK Jaina.
Next pack was Golden DK Gul’dan.

I was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?”

Yet I have never opened up a pack that had 2 legendary cards in it. Lame. Hoping that changes on Tuesday.

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