Additional Details on Signature Cards

I was just opening packs from the fireside gathering and got a normal invincible and then a signature invincible, but was not able to reroll the normal one I got first. Is this a bug or will this feature be coming later?


So am I to understand that if we open the signature card first we have no duplicate protection against getting the normal version?

Ahem… Isn’t a card, signature or not, that you open from a pack considered owned and thus duplicate-protected?

I opened a ticket and was told there was duplicate protection and you could reroll if you opened the normal version first. But they were clear on what was supposed to happen if you open the signature first. I opened a signature legendary first and the opened the normal version and wasnt given the option to re roll. So I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design. I was told to post to the bug forum if I had any more questions.

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In other words: they told you to go away, and no one would be answering your question.

Naturally, if you asked them for answers, they would threaten you as good corporate goon would.

Hmm, again on this matter: maybe you’ve already opened all legendaries and thus got a duplicate? I’m not sure how it should be technically possible otherwise, since, according to the support article:

You will not receive more than one copy of a Legendary card, until you have owned all the Legendary cards in that card expansion.

There’s also been another issue: Unable to reroll? - #3 by SparkyElf-2852 — however, I’m not sure if that applies in your case.


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I just opened Lor’themar signature in a pack after already claiming the card on the tavern pass track. I do not have all legendaries in the release yet. I cannot disenchant it, and according to this post, this took the place of a golden legendary. No option to “reroll” either.

For something that’s supposed to be “super rare”, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It’s worthless to me as I can’t dust it. It feels like I missed out on filling my collection for some magic beans.

it takes the place of a common not a golden legendary(is impossible to get 1 signature and 4 commons in a pack)

It is the same rarity as a golden legendary but takes the place of a common if you pull it. Also doesn’t ruin pity timer. Guess they thought people would be angry if they got something they couldn’t dust instead of a legendary. And they guessed right. Problem is they have been horrible about announcing how the signature cards work.

So don’t feel bad. You could be me. Hands too quick for the brain. Bought the mega bundle so I got 2 signatures. Got Rommath. then bought the tavern pass and only then saw the diamond was also Rommath. So I got 2 non-dustable, non-rerollable versions of him.

But hey, I can switch it up so it fits whether I’m feeling gray or blue. Which is most of the time I’m playing hs.

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