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Welcome to the new New Player Tavern’s Add a Friend Thread.

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Starting off,

Main account:
DeathProof #1954

Alt/Whizbang acct:
AdSanguina #1688

Active daily player. NA server only. Regular rank 5. Hit me up if you wanna talk deck building or want help with testing your builds.


Thank you for making this thread! :smiley:

As a reminder to everyone, please remember to add your BattleTag™ (username with digits), the server(s) on which you play, and preferably a little bit about yourself.

It might be most productive to look to the newest posts for players who are much more likely to be active!


BattleTag: Phobetor#1708
Server(s): NA (Americas)

A little about myself:
My time allocated to playing Hearthstone is commonly relatively low these days, and my play times can be erratic; but when online, I am always happy to chat, have friendly matches, help you complete quests or test decks, and spectate to offer such advice as I am able.
I look forward to meeting new friends, and seeing you all by the hearth! :smiley:


Gwyneth#11119 on NA

I’m a casual player that loves to have a good time. :wink:


Thank you, Phobetor.

Looking for more friends. I play daily.

NA Server: Rex#1875

Looking for friends on NA server, daily player happy to chat HS/ play friendlies/ build decks anytime!


Enchantres #1678 add me play daily need friends for quest

Blyder#11689 NA

F2p daily player, always up for a chat about anything

Very experienced MtG player

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I’m a fairly active NA & EU player, my tag is Sprocket#2110 and I’m happy to be friends with anyone as long as they’re not super negative. I’ve been playing for around three years and have 4000 play mode wins and 1800 arena wins.

NA - Silverangel#1695

I am erratic in how much I play, but usually late night, bouncing between wild and standard ranks 10 - 20 depending. There is rarely a friend to do the friends quests, so more are always welcome.

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Add me please!
Thank you!

EmeraldBoar#1103 on all 3 servers.
My recruit a friend links are:
Asia =
Europe =
North America =

BattleTag : Mozinor#2866
Server(s) : EU (Europe) & NA (America)
Research : fun player / deckbuilder preferably but everybody is welcome (new player include :slight_smile: )

Viktoras#11500 (NA)

Chill player active at random times typically poking around casual, brawls, and PVE modes. I ladder a little each month around the R15 range in both Standard and Wild.

Enjoy long walks on the beach and finding a use for my hodge-podge collection of awful legendaries :wink:

Hi add me XanteenXR51 #1665
I’m a beginner player … I’ve only played for about a week … I’m on the east coast and a play throughout the day …
Fight on!



LOL you can tell I’ve been playing a while, I doubt my battletag would be considered acceptable anymore. It’s meant to be ironic, I am actually quite friendly and not at all the type of douche who would actually call himself a pimp seriously… I doubt my wife would appreciate it either :smiley:

Would enjoy playing with anyone, talking deck strategies, etc.


Add for watch a friend quest

How do you reply to this list? I pressed a button and i hoped it worked. If you want to play against an elderly player my number is Ahoy #1155. I think that’s it is.

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I am a player who is looking into getting back into HS after quitting it a couple years ago. Please add me

US Battle Tag: midnyte007#1694