No friends for quest

I have no friends. I have quest for 80 gold. Anyone wants to add me? themartian#2797

NA server or EU? I’m making bacon but can get in a quickie.

EU just for gold and making friends:)

Dangit I’m NA, can’t send you a FR. Surry bud.

sorry to hear that… have fun with bacon then friend

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Wardrum making Bacon…

(WARNING: Do not try this at home)

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I want bacon now. Damn wardrum.

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Fireside Gathering for the forum and Wardrum blesses us with free bacon!!!

You joke, but I have a portable electric skillet and would totally cook up several packs of bacon if we all had one.

I never joke about bacon. Ever.

Lol obviously, who wouldn’t want free 80 gold ?

Wardrum :joy:

Joking about bacon is punishable by death just about anywhere. The bacon gatherering idea has promise.

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Bacon is not healthy, you guys should probably stop

Bleh… Just wait till I perfect my Bacon Gatling Gun!

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ChrisFate#21590 here my friend add me