[DoD] Let's be Friends

There are already a few threads that the community are actively looking for new friends. Feel free to continue with the respective thread if you like.

However, I feel it is tedious to continually just follow 1 thread, where members might be no longer active. Thus, the purpose of this thread is target to be a more updated list for both new players and veterans. (Hopefully to be refreshed every expansion)

Do drop your details below so that we can add each other as friends

Region: NA (NA/EU/Asia)
Bnet ID: Reaver#6716

In addition, there is also a group of passionate players that hangs out at Discord which you might also want to check out.

Join the Hearthstone Commoner’s Guild Discord Server!

Good Luck Have Fun Be Blessed


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Region: NA
Bnet ID: JTW#1708

Always good to have a few friends on.

Region NA

Battle tag: PUTRO #11688