Add A Friend Thread


Casual player usually around rank 3-5, Occasional legend.
Deck strategies, chatting, or quest completion.
Australia timezone.
Americas server.


On NA, looking to meet new people and improve my game :slight_smile:

Hello New Players,

Welcome to Hearthstone! My information is:

BattleTag : Kingslayer#11524
Server : NA (North America)

If you are new player with less than 20 levels, click the link below and become my recruit to get a free pack!

Looking for a friend to complete spectator quest

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Been playing about a month. Looking for friend for spectator quest and regular play GhostDragon#1172869

Been playing for quite some time, just add: Bladertom#1923

Battletag: Pliskin#11614

Region : NA (America)

Level of Experience : Intermediate, playing since One Night in Karazhan, I always try to get at least to rank 5
I’m Looking For : Friendly and regular players that can help and need help with “friend quests”: “Play a friend!” and “Watch and Learn!”.
Tell us something about you : I dont usually chat or use emotes in the game except for thanking for the help with those quests.

Up for a game, but friends list is empty. mopiedoron #1559

Im looking for new friend (us)

pretty simple
HongBao #1116

Ive been here before but ive been sitting on friend quests for a while and the people ive added i always seem to miss.
Im NA but i dont ming Asia/EU as i often play late night anyway.
Looking for people who play daily

ImaxIking #2845 EU

kind of a new player, f2p, but playing daily or every second day, got some friend quests, plus it would be cool to have some in-game friends

The more friends the merrier. I’ve been playing for about 2 months and would like more friends to complete quests with and casually challenge from time to time. I also don’t mind helping new players get into the game.

Add me: SneakyTurtle#144665 NA

Hey all my tag is Flux#1335

Returning player with a mostly wild collection :joy: just getting back into the swing of things.

Knslyr#2571 @ EU
Need to spectate someone for a pack, but also just generally looking for more HS friends to challenge and so on.
If you’re willing to show off your skills please add me!

Hello everyone! Friendly Adult player here! Looking for other friendly adults, preferably 30 or older! NA region. Very active!

Also, if you are a wrestling fan or a older guy with a rib crushing bearhug, add me!


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petpup#1313 - NA
A few months ago I picked hearthstone back after a couple year hiatus. Would love to have some active HS friends, please feel free to add me!

Ninzo13 #1281 NA, play day and night

Add me !
Daily player too. Looking for active players
Zeolot #1551
Americans server

Sorry, Sagittarius accept button wasnt working, if you resend, hopefully can accept now

Server NA
I have a “Play a Friend” quest. Looking to exchange.
Please add me and pm me if you have one too :slight_smile: