The whole point of brawl is now gone

I used brawl to win as a certain class to complete quests.

I’m a casual (not filthy tho), so I am only trying to collect enough cards for one class.

When a quest comes up to win as a certain class, I would play brawl because it is a preset list of cards that I don’t need to worry about balance issues.

If I try to win as a class, when I don’t have any cards for that class, it won’t happen!

I played in large part to do quests, but now that’s kinda ruined.


Sometimes Brawls let you pick a class and build a deck.

Sometimes Brawls let you pick a class and give you a deck.

Sometimes Brawls just give you a random deck.

2-3 times a year we get an Arena Brawl like Brawliseum.


a little tip to help you : try to get some “friends” ingame and when you have trouble to complete some quests , duel 1 of your “friends” to complete them :wink:

Ps: i didn’t check , but i think we have a topic for that (will check)

Edit: i found it ^^ ==> Add A Friend Thread

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Yea this weeks brawl is very bad.


The moment I saw this brawl I was like “Yeah, cool, more OTK bs” and gueeeees what :smiley: Everything is full of Exodia Mages and OTK Priests.

really ?? lol i saw 4 rogue , 1 mech’thun priest and 3 druid from my run , and when i spyed some friends i saw almost the same :confused:

look like some streamer made some sh*t deck live , as always for those brawl …

This week’s brawl is awesome.

Elemental Malygos Burn Shaman ftw. Turn 5/6 lethals crack me up.

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I think I would have fun with this if I didn’t have to fracking shill gold because I made one mistake making my deck.


So you’re implying that “the whole point of brawl” that you’re referring to was letting you do quests more easily? Okay.

I found a use for my Cenarius, so I guess that’s quite awesome too. Only if I had Onyxia though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I am on my alt account and the Quest is to play 30 Paladin Cards. This account only has 13 Paladin cards to play that are semi useful. So I am sitting here taking beating after beating after beating after beating trying to do this Quest. Brawl would be better to try and get it done but they made it just as terrible as Casual.

Right now I am watching a Merlon Priest Patterning to perfection (RNG operating as normal)

1 Spirit of the dead
2 TideCaller Grimscale Oracle
3 Coldlight Seer
(told you the pattern dealer to this game is mighty - Topdecking = normal)
4 Keleseth + Rockpool
5 Warleader


I got to play 2 Paladin cards.

The excitement and joy of playing this game can not be expressed…ina positive manner that is.

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Sooo…the “pattern” that the game decided to give this guy in order to force them to win… involved a turn-1 awful (awful) card, and a turn-4 Keleseth? That did literally nothing to help them besides be a 1/1, since they won the next turn?

Your “proof” that the game is rigged is that your opponent played Murloc deck, and miraculously proceeded to draw and play a few Murlocs?

Seems legit.

Really though, try performing an actual hypothesis test. It will be much more believable, and rigorous, but you have to do it the right way.


Shark Rogue is broken in this brawl. I had a Priest concede on turn 3. So many battlecries and combos that can be doubled to create huge minions.