26.4 Known Issues

Patch 26.4 is now live, bringing with it the end of all music or your opportunity to save the sound! Find out with the new 38-card Audiopocalypse Mini-Set. Follow this page for updates on list issues we’re tracking with this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • [Resolved 6/2] We’re investigating an issue where decks that do not have a card back assigned are treated as being assigned the Classic card back. You can assign a card back to a particular deck or uncheck “limit to favorites” as workarounds.
  • [Resolved 6/15] We’re aware that ongoing Duels runs did not retire with the patch. Instead, the season reset will happen when players finish the run on their own (either by retiring or playing all their games). Players who had an active that would have been retired with the Patch 26.4 reset will be granted one Tavern Ticket in an update soon.
  • In Duels, Uber Diablo’s effect is shown as a “Battlecry” effect, but it actually triggers upon transformation. This is a text-only issue: the effect is intended to go off upon that transformation, like it does.
  • [Resolved 5/31] The team is aware that old Adventures are not being offered for Gold as intended, and is investigating the issue.
  • [Resolved 6/15] We’re aware of a text issue with Abyssal Bassist in some languages. This is expected to be resolved in an upcoming hotfix patch.
  • [Added 5/31] On mobile, the background screen-blur between games does not go away. The team is expecting this to be fixed in the next major patch. In the meantime, all the buttons still function for switching decks or navigating away from the screen, and navigating away from the screen should reset it and remove the blur.
  • [Added 5/31] The team is aware that the regular Audiopocalypse mini-set can’t be purchased on the web shop (only in-game). This is expected to be added to the web shop in an upcoming update.
  • [Resolved 6/1] The team is aware that Arena leaderboards are not representing correctly, and is working on the solution.
  • [Resolved 6/1] The Lilith card back is currently showing as able to be purchased in the collection, but it can’t actually be purchased. Players who try to purchase it instead get the Secret Level card back (the card back previously granted by the Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl).
  • [Updated 6/2] The team is aware that the “New Cards” tab is causing some issues viewing the collection on some devices. The button has been temporarily disabled due to these issues.
  • [Added 6/1] The team is aware of a visual bug where overdrawing at 10 cards shows the card burning animation coming from the wrong deck. This is a visual-only bug.
  • [Resolved 6/2] The team is aware that Magatha, Bane of Music is unintentionally revealing all the cards drawn.
  • [Added 6/5] The team is aware that a stolen Snapshot (the card generated by Photographer Fizzle) will not grant any of the snapshotted cards.
  • [Added 6/5] The team is investigating reported issues with Discover effects and triple-rune cards, Vulpera Scoundrel, and Hipster.
  • [Resolved 6/9] We’re aware that the “Doin’ Somethin’ Unholy” Event Quest is not progressing. We’re working on a solution to the problem, expected to go out in an upcoming hotfix before the event ends.
  • [Resolved 6/15] The team is aware of an issue with Aranna’s hero power in Battlegrounds and is investigating. Aranna has been returned to the hero pool.
  • [Resolved 6/15] We’re investigating reports of Kalecgos appearing incorrectly in Battlegrounds.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

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Thanks for the big update, and all the hard work!

Please prioritize fixing broken achievements next, if possible. It looks like more Gameplay achievements have been added, but there are existing ones that still can’t be “checked off”.

Thanks again!


whats going on with my collection it’s a buggy mess and has a hard time responding.


Collection seems to break after trying to use the “New Cards” filter


my collection its totally bugged, laggy and I have to close the game. :roll_eyes:
EU Server playing on PC

edit: I think what grahamaca said, its the “new cards” button that causes the buggy mess. Just went to my collection again without using the “new cards” button and at least no crash. still pretty laggy :man_shrugging:


The interaction with Anonymous Informant and Vast Wisdom is broken, or a change to it has not been noted.

When choosing a secret as the first choice, the zero cost reduction was carried over to the second choice. It’s been like this since Vast Wisdom’s introduction.

With the loss of Paladin secrets in rotation, making Orion completely worthless in Standard, this was the single last interesting play mechanic afforded to Standard Secret Mage.

NO mention of the TRADEABLE BUG ??
we have since at least 2 patch-versions??

in wild and standard.

no tradeable card can be played for trade.

ANd u know that.



its getting worst and worst…

playing since 8 years.

(laptop 12 years old. worked fine 2 patches before, since ever)

win 10


the update seems to be in a loop “initializating”

The animations are not working in any game mode. Cause the downloading screen did not appear once the patch went live. Even upon restart of the app

Is magatha showing all 5 drawn cards to the opponent intended?

The ETC card back is finally fixed in the collection!

However the collection manager is bugged right now. For me only the new cards buttom doesn’t work but others have further problems.

Edit: I just discovered something: if I push the new cards buttom the animations of the golden cards are displayed at twice the speed.

But the golden and hero animations are not working, and none of my characters are speaking during gameplay. And when I check the App Store after the update. The app is not showing as updated, I guess that means that in the next couple days, there will be a short, hot fix patch for download, hopefully with the animations, character, speaking, and all other issues fixed.

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Certain cards dont appear to work properly for Diablo’s quest, journey to the east. I know that Blood treant hasn’t procced the quest (at least in the times i have played it) which seems incorrect. I think there was another card that didnt work, but that is the only one im 100% sure granted me no progress.

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The “remixed” cards don’t show the extra effects they get when you click on them. This should be included if possible

I hope this was another random bug, otherwise i just got lost my golden cards.
just wanted to pop in and play my favorite deck, see where the game has gone since 18 months or so.

update game, boot it up, spam through the usuall welcome back messages, free rewards, something about a golden common, new content, new year.

Wait what… where is my brann? my EVERYTHING GOLDEN?!?
You didnt, pls tell me you didnt you place a “destroy my almost decade old collection with the press of a finger” button?! in the middle of the “remove the helpfull but right now annyoing window im not interested in”.

adding/removing/compensating any missing card previously in a deck also seems to be glitchy, sticking or not reacting.
but thats the least of my problems if this isnt fixed


Tradable cards are playable but not… tradable ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Trying to place them back in the deck makes the game crash.

Problem going on since the two last patches, reported many times and still not mentioned as a known bug (not even talking about being fixed).


Tradable cards crash game when i try to trade them, the moment i hower them over deck and release game crashes.

Happens on PC.


Filters in the collection seem to be completely broken on macOS.

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Well I have been harping on every known issues thread for weeks about the previously bugged ETC Battlegrounds achievement so I must give credit where it is due and say a huge thank you for fixing that in this patch! Datamining has also revealed the existence of Lorebooks in the upcoming Tavern Brawl so here’s hoping that makes the Restless Reader achievement completable as well. Throw in the return of the Diablo hero to Duels and this may end up being the best achievement hunters’ patch yet!