24.6 Known Issues

Hello all,

Patch 24.6 is now live on desktop and mobile. Follow this post for details on known issues being tracked with this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:
• [Resolved] The team is aware that some Amazon users are having issues installing and updating to 24.6, this is currently being investigated.
• [Update, 11/2] A hotfix is being deployed to fix the Reaper’s Toll Battlegrounds Strike issue, in addition to adding general server stability. Reaper’s Toll will become available again once this update has deployed to all platforms.
• [Resolved] One Battlegrounds Minion, Faceless Disciple, has been temporarily disabled due to it causing crashes in the 24.6 update.
• The team is aware that the back button from the Shop has a slightly smaller responsive area than intended, and is too close to the products, leading to players sometimes missing the button. This will be resolved in a future patch.
• [Resolved] The Reaper’s Toll Battlegrounds Strike has been temporarily disabled, as it is causing disconnections when eliminating a player. It can still be marked as your favorite, but the effect will not trigger in-game. It will be reenabled once the issue is resolved.
• The team is investigating reports that a small number of Mercenaries players got “stuck” in a Bounty if they started that Bounty with a Mystery Node before the 24.6 patch and then attempted to complete the Bounty after the patch. Players should be able to Retire the run to “unstick” themselves.
• [Resolved] We are temporarily disabling The Golden Hammer and Kidnap Sack Quest Rewards due to a gameplay issue they can cause in certain circumstances. We will reenable them in a future patch.
• [Added 11/8] The team is aware that some players are unable to claim the Hero Skin at the end of the Rewards Track. The issue is expected to be fixed in Patch 25.0, when players will be prompted to make their Hero Skin selection upon login. All other rewards can be claimed normally and will be automatically granted with Rewards Track swap if not claimed by that time.
• [Resolved] We are tracking reports that Arena Discover and random generation pools have not been functioning after Patch 24.6.2. The team is investigating this issue and hopes to have more information soon.
• [Added 11/23] The team is aware that the Rattlegore Mercenaries Event ended earlier than initially published. We apologize for the miscommunication. The patch notes have now been corrected. We are working on a solution to the event ending earlier than expected and will share more details before that solution is implemented.
• [Added 11/23] The team is aware that Golden Selfless Hero and Golden Monstrous Macaw are not interacting correctly in Battlegrounds. This issue is expected to be resolved in a scheduled hotfix shortly after Patch 25.0.

11/11 Hotfix [Updated]:
We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix patch that will fix the Arena discover bug and re-open the Arena! All runs will resume where they were prior to the Arena closing. Players who played any Arena matches in the short period when the bug was live have been compensated with a free Arena ticket. This patch also includes two additional updates:

  1. [Arena] The Demon Hunter Legacy Set has been added to the Arena pool.
  2. [Battlegrounds] Khadgar will no longer summon copies of Evil Twins.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.


I completed mercenaries “Visitor: Deathwing Complete the General Drakkisath Bounty in Blackrock Mountain. Party Includes: Malchezaar, Xyrella”

I did it on normal (task doesn’t say Heroic), and both Malchezaar and Xyrella died, but the bounty was completed.

I did not get credit for the task and it is still in the campfire.

Similar issue with “Visitor: Smite Complete the Secret Cow (Heroic) bounty in The Barrens. Party includes: Y’Shaarj, Tess”

Did it on heroic. Both Y’Shaarj and Tess survived (never came off the bench). No credit.

Edit 2: As others pointed out, having the visitor in the group, gets the reward (Deathwing and Smite for these two tasks).


I don’t see the new hero on standard as promised in the new (current patch) notes. I don’t see a new campaign either. So, there is no way to complete the new quest line cause i don’t have access to any new deathknight cards


i mean i don’t see the prologue in campaign mode, which prologue is supposed to unlock the death knight hero. notes say new hero will be temporarily available to everyone with the current patch

I also completed the requirements of a visitor task, but it was not credited. Are visitors working for anybody?


Yes book of faelin achievement and books are still bugged after months: please GnomeSayin speak up for us!

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I cannot get access to the new Battleground Bash. On the Battleground menu, there is a message pointing where to click but the button seems non-existent. There is the same issue on a friend of mine’s account.


The visitor must also be in the group

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There is no 1 coin source for Rattlegore.


I think I figured it out, have you tried doing the mission with all three?

Deathwing, Malchezaar, Xyrella or
Smite Y’SHaarj and Tess altogether?

EDIT: Hmmmm, nm one worked this way and the other did not for me. So I don’t know what makes one achieveable or not

I cannot create new decks. Everytime i click on New Deck, it brings me to the character selection, then i choose my class and it brings me back to the starting collection screen. I’m on windows btw don’t know if that changes


coming back to the game after many months, yesterday i had the possibility to choose one free deck, didn’t choose one, but today after upgrading i cannot choose any, no possibilities. It was supposed to be given 6 different decks to try and choose one, but nothing.

I can’t make a new wild deck.
Also renathal wild deck codes does not work. Decks won’t save.


same. I also don’t seem to see any new cards. Is there a trick?

-Can’t create new decks
-Game freezes after every ranked standard game - have to restart client to queue again
-Can’t dust duplicate cards.


Some things:
Can’t dust dups
Can’t create new decks
Can’t complete quests because…
Can’t find the new cards you need for it
Can’t open modes menu at all
No winning or losing sequence after game ends.
Played a couple Battle grounds, finished in eligible range, no hammers


Sometimes during Battlegrounds my hand bugs and im not able to use handcards (minions, spells,…) anymore until the next turn (on PC, no clue about mobile).

Im still able to buy minions or freeze the tarvern ones. So it is not a connection issue or something similar.

I just can’t make new decks. They either won’t let me duplicate an existing one, drop one into the deckbuilder via link, edit an existing one. If it does, it’ll not launch a ladder game with the deck.
If I attempt to go back and see what’s wrong, then open the deck, it’ll just delete the deck completely.
Please, if you add a host of new cards, lemme use them xD.


Each time I’m forced to close the game, I get a little bit closer to opening LoR, Gwent, or Marvel Snap.