Merc I face #1 (90k MMR) 5 time in a row (I'm 7500 MMR)

I face #1 MrAwesome (90k MMR hot) 5 time in a row (I’m 7500 MMR).

Fix the game maybe ? One he’s obvisouly a bit second why I face him 7 time in a row

It’s a bit hard to understand what you mean… But yeah, facing the same opponent multiple times in a row is a thing, unfortunately, probably because there might be not that many players online at certain time intervals.

Another funny thing: I think they’ve removed bots from the fighting pit, so that one would be matched against real players instead (thus you might be facing an opponent with a rating differing significantly from yours), however, I have certain suspicions about… ‘players’ with such outlandishly high MMR — so, you might be facing a bot, but of a different kind.

The bot got ban, so its no longuer an issu

Which doesn’t mean new ones cannot emerge. However: