24.0.1 Patch Notes

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

Balance Change:
• Grease Bot is being temporarily removed from the Battlegrounds minion pool.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements:
• Fixed a bug where “Reveal a minion in each deck” (aka “jousting”) cards could reveal spells instead of minions.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Hats on Hats on Hats achievement from progressing.
• Promoted Deck Swabbie to the Pirate minion type in Duels.
• Temporarily disabled players from rolling Quests based on the new Murder at Castle Nathria mechanics until after the expansion launches. Players who have already rolled those Quests can re-roll them, save them until the expansion launches, or complete them in Duels.

7/29 Update: A second 24.0.1 server hotfix is currently being deployed. It has its own patch notes page, HERE.


So get Grease Bot win game no longer works?

First of all, please remove Leeroy Jenkins.
Because of this minion, when playing battlegrounds I’m often annoyed.

Is there a reason why not to make this visible in game ? I mean this change is shaking up the meta again…
it’s just not great design to have to check here every day for possible changes.


I agree, spent 3 turns on tavern 6 looking for Grease Bot before looking at the tracker and seeing it was removed…
Won anyway but still anoying! These changes should be annonced when logging into the game or on the battleground menu.


Please. Give us the “READY” Button to Battlegrounds. of 20min Gametime, we are watching 12min to the Time counter.

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I did not get this patch yet.

i think server side hotfixes dont get downloaded to your device

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Why do I have to find out about this 3 days later on a google search after building grease bot builds like an idiot for 2 days. You think MAYBE it’d be a good idea to actually let us know somehow other than the random occurrence of us checking your twitter or the forums? Some of us just come home from work and play 4 or 5 games and then go on with our lives. We’re not invested B-deep in your socials and the reddit.

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Greasebot is still in the list of battlegrounds cards scrub


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