24.0 Known Issues

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You can follow this post for information about Known Issues in the 24.0 Patch.

  • [Resolved 7/26] The team is aware that Achievements that granted Sunken City cards were able to be claimed after Patch 24.0 went live and that for many players those cards were already claimed. This is not a bug, but part of the shift from one expansion period to the next. Those are cards that were given on the Sunken City Rewards Track, converted to Achievements in anticipation of the end of the Sunken City expansion period. Some people have already received those cards and completed those achievements; others will still have a chance to earn those free cards by completing those achievements later.

  • [Added 7/26] The team is aware that the background is missing from the Rewards Track in Patch 24.0.

  • [Partially Resolved 7/26] The team has received reports of players receiving Yogg-Saron Tasks in Mercenaries even after completing Yogg’s task chain, and then getting blocked after completing Task 2. The team has identified the cause of this issue. We are temporarily disabling Yogg-Saron Tasks while we work on a solution, which will be scheduled for a future update. It is expected that players who had this errant Yogg at their Campfire will have that slot vacated for a less corrupting visitor.

  • [Resolved 7/28] The team is aware that some Murder at Castle Nathria Daily/Weekly Quests started in Patch 24.0. In a hotfix later this week, the team will temporarily disable those until expansion launch. In the meantime, players who receive those quests can reroll them, hold onto them until the expansion launches on August 2, or complete them in Duels.

  • [Resolved 8/1] The team is investigating reports that Moonlit Guidance no longer draws the copy of the Discovered card when the Discovered card is played the same turn as Moonlit Guidance. Update: Another small server hotfix was implemented on 8/1 to address the issues that remained after the prior hotfix.

  • [Resolved 8/3] The team is aware that Sir Finley’s Task 2 is not currently tracking. The team is temporarily disabling the Sir Finley visitor while the Task issue is being worked on.

  • [Added 8/2] The team is aware that the Sunken City game board is erroneously available Arena, even though Sunken City is not legal in this Arena rotation. This allows for a fringe case where Transfer Student can give a card that doesn’t work properly, due to the eligible card pool.

  • [Resolved 8/3] The team has resolved a bug where playing Primordial Wave would break “After you summon” effects, like that of Piranha Swarmer.

  • [Resolved 8/3] Murloc Holmes could cause crashes in certain edge cases.

  • [Added 8/3] The team is aware that banned Duels cards can appear in some card buckets.

  • [Added 8/3] The team is aware that Darius Crowley’s Cannons struggle to account for Location positioning.

  • [Added 8/5] The team is aware of some players having difficulty while trying to edit their Mercenaries Parties on mobile, like being unable select certain Mercs from the Party screen. While the team works on the issue, we have identified some workarounds for this issue: 1) select a selectable Merc on your team and hold down until the U.I wiggles, that will loosen things up and let you select your other Mercs; 2) select a selectable Merc and move it to over the collection area and then back into the Party; or 3) play on desktop–the issues we’re tracking seem to be isolated to mobile.

  • [Added 8/11] The team is aware that Sinful Brand is not dealing damage in certain circumstances. The team is investigating the issue.

  • [Added 8/11] The team is aware that the “One of the Classic Blunders” Achievement has, well, fallen victim to one of the classic blunders. It currently tracks not when you tricked your opponent with Suspicious cards, but when they trick you.

  • [Added 8/11] The team is aware of players having difficulty completing the “Flower Power” Achievement. The team is investigating the issue.



8/11 Update: The team is currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

• In Duels, banned Wildheart Guff from deckbuilding.
• In Arena, the appearance rates of many cards across all classes and neutral have been adjusted.
• Fixed a bug that occurred for players who triggered the free new/returning player deck condition before Patch 24.0, but then did not claim the deck until after Patch 24.0.
• Fixed a bug where Collateral Damage would deal the wrong amount of damage if copied (such as by Twinbow Terrorcoil).
• Fixed a bug where playing and attacking with the weapon selected from Suspicious Pirate would result in your opponent being offered a version missing one Durability.
• Fixed a small visual bug with Decimator Olgra’s intro animation.

8/11 Second Update: Today’s hotfix was paused due to an issue with the patch. The team is working on the issue and will launch this patch again once the issue is resolved.


8/12 Update:
Earlier today, a different patch version was inadvertently set live briefly. This resulted in game crashes, as well as players seeing incorrect versions of certain cards. That patch version has now been rolled back, and those issues should be resolved.


8/15 Update:
The server-side hotfix update that was originally scheduled for 8/11 has now been deployed to all regions.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.

  1. Mercenaries: wrong description of Brightwing's Faerie Breath

  2. Yogg tasks revived
    The second one has apparently been resolved, but no feedback on it yet?

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I just got “play 30 infuse cards” weekly quest. Nice one, as it can’t be completed yet. Another wasted re-rolling.


Hello. So, I discovered a bug in Gul’Dan’s book of heros.

During the Ogrim Doomhammer fight, if Ogrim has a weapon equiped, after a damaged Frostwolf grunt attacks a 1 attack minion, the grunt loses the +1/+1 for a split second, reverting to a 2/1 and then it buffs up again to become a 3/2, effectively restoring 1 health.

In short:

Damaged Buffed Frostwolf Grunt (3/2) attacks a 1 attack minion. After attacking it loses the buff, becoming a 2/1 for a split second and regains it, becoming a 3/2, instead of the 3/1 it was supposed to be.

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Mercenaries on Android app: I can’t select my mercs from their party groups, i.e. tapping on them does nothing. Or sometimes it will work but only for one out of six.

ETA workaround I found on Reddit:
From the party editor drag one of the mercs out of the party as if you were about to remove it, then pull it back in. You will then be able to edit your party as normal.


After a recent patch, after I launch the game I am not able to activate any of the buttons on the home screen when I log in on my PC. Everything works fine on mobile or if I switch accounts but I am unable to play the game on my Americas account.

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When Reno Jackson (Mercenaries) uses " Dazzlin’ Flexin’ ", he keeps the taunt buff for all of the remaining turns in the encounter.


Book of heroes Faelin

Ozumat achievement doesn`t trigger.

Special minion storybooks like Finley’s Musings from Storm Tyrant don`t spawn if already a common storybook for killing any minion has spawned this game. This makes it almost impossible to get since you can only survive behind a taunt wall without killing other minions and Storm Tyrant just suicides because of rush.

These storybooks don`t spawn:
Grace’s Notes Part II
Half-Digested Tome
Meet the Mrrgltons
Zin-Azshari Crystal
Prisoner’s Log
Abyssal Forces.


On iOS, Mercenary teams will randomly lock up and be unable to be edited or deleted. This especially sucks because it can happen to empty teams, and as a result 7/9 of my Mercenary teams are useless empty slots.

Going to try reinstalling but its a shame it can happen in the first place.

Turns out all of my teams are locked now. Can’t edit or delete any. Disappointing.


i’m getting daily quests for the next expansion i can’t complete because its not out yet

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Android. I’m trying to update the game, but error HS:NT304:303:0 appears every time.

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I am having the same issue on PC.

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Brittle Bones duel treasure doesn’t activate (summon the 2/2 Volatile Skeleton) on Secrets such as Flame Ward.

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the invite friend to battlegrounds or other game modes is gone… please fix it

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After the latest patch I am unable to create any cards with my dust. Only option visible is Disenchant. Not showing the Update or Enchant options at all. I tried looking at multiple different cards from wild and standard.

…and also minor issue that I just noticed is that rewards track on screen (- - -) is greyed out.

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Actually, this is consistent with the ability’s description, so it very well might be an actual bug fix, not a bug.

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I had a bug on the Moonlit Guidance.
I play the copy but I don’t draw the original…
And that several times
I loose my final game to pass legend on that lol



yeah they probabily broke something after this update

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even the link to the hotfix is bugged :sweat_smile:

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