17.2.2 Client Patch

We’re currently in the process of deploying a 17.2.2 client patch that will address the following items:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on mobile when clicking the eye to see who is spectating.
  • Fixed a few various issues that would lock the game state when playing certain cards from hand.
  • Fixed a bug where some players in Europe were only given the option of Warrior as their free deck after graduating the new player ranks.
  • Fixed a bug where the shop would be closed when launching Hearthstone due to a missing runtime dependency.

If the shop is still closed after updating to 17.2.2, try swapping to another region on the launcher and swapping back before opening Hearthstone again.


Yay coming through with the fixes like always, love ya blizz.

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I can’t get the free deck :c

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finally the shop is open after 8-9 days.

The mana glitch on mobile…

It’s still not addressed.

I wonder how it can fix “500 Internal server error” from oauth server that prevent the shop from being open…

Thank you for the patch & feedback, the UI bug that prevented people from choosing any other free deck reward besides warrior is gone now. Bless you Blizzard!
But could you please ask the EU region to re-activate the redeeming of free decks again??
Seems someone forgot to hit the “ON” button this morning after 17.2.2 rolled out… :slight_smile:


the bug didn’t go away for me its still there i cant choose my free deck please someone help me i have waiting to long for this to go away

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Update Hearthstone and relaunch Battle.net, the UI bug is fixed.
Wait for them to activate it and then you will get your deck.

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how long do you think it takes for them to activate the bug?

Battle.net says that i have the 17.2.2 patch but it didn’t do anything please someone help me i cant wait any longer anymore.

Buddy I feel your pain but please read carefully. They have addressed the issue where the game doesn’t allow you to change your selected free deck to anything but warrior. The 2nd step is now activating the part where you can claim that specific chosen deck, which will probably happen soon I hope. Just wait for the “Free Deck Error” notification to go away on your Battlenet.

Watch some of the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament in the meantime… :grimacing:


Could someone please tell the EU servers that the free deck bug has been fixed? :thinking:

shame on you blizzard youre people dont want to put a little work on the bug while youre claiming money from the players that are investing in the game, you all are some lazy workers for real man thats the dam truth!

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I don’t get it… the patch notes say the bug is fixed but i play on EU region on PC and still cannot get the free deck.


Please, fix de bug with The hero panel. Since The update that blizz released Nemsi for free The hero panel (Shaman, druid, Warrior, warlock) is distorted and strange in mobile. I’ve tried to change the hero but the bug persist.

EU region has not enabled redeeming of free decks

The UI bug is gone please tell the EU to reactivate this feature…

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Correct, it says its fixed but not activated.
Hope they’ll do it soon, they’ll be legends \0/

I still get the notification that free deck is disabled… and I had the same issue but with rogue, it was the only class i could choose because the game skipped the picking phase, I’m playing on the EU server too.

second best class value wise, unless of course you don’t like rogue.