17.0.1 Server Hotfix

4/15 UPDATE: The 17.0.1 hotfix has been deployed globally.

4/14 UPDATE: We’ve run into some additional problems deploying the 17.0.1 hotfix (we’re starting to think it’s cursed). As a result, the previously mentioned fixes for puzzles will not be included in this hotfix and will instead be included in an upcoming patch. We’re working to have the 17.0.1 hotfix applied within the next day or so. Thanks again for your patience.

4/13 UPDATE: We are expecting the 17.0.1 hotfix to roll out on Tuesday (4/14) now. Thanks for your patience while we get these issues resolved!

4/10 UPDATE: Due to some unforeseen issues, the 17.0.1 hotfix has been delayed until Monday (4/13).

Hey everyone! We are deploying a 17.0.1 server-side hotfix later today (likely late afternoon Pacific time) that will include the following fixes -

  • Invoke cards will no longer be generated by other cards when Galakrond is not in your deck.

  • It is no longer possible to have a Star Bonus at Legend.

  • Damaged minions with buffs that are made Dormant by Maiev Shadowsong will no longer be full Health when awoken.

  • When Dragonmaw Sentinel is buffed with Apotheosis and made Dormant with Maiev Shadowsong, it will no longer lose Lifesteal when awoken.

  • Dr. Boom’s Lethal Puzzles 3-4 and 4-4 can now be completed. [DELAYED]

  • Astromancer Arwyn’s Mirror Puzzle 6-7 can now be completed. [DELAYED]

Please note that these fixes take place on the server side, so you should not need to download anything if you’ve updated to 17.0.


Any plans to fix the ongoing spectating bugs and glitches?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

3-4 was already possible following the nerfs though. Can’t draw with the Power Word Shield but you can still get the Pyromancer with the Archer and a heal. Played through it yesterday and was able to get him down to -195.

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like to see how you did that

That is true, but the others are still not possible.

So would I. HSReplay doesn’t save Puzzle Labs, I only screenshotted the end state which was right at the moment 35 stacks of fatigue were being added to the history bar, and now I’m on the unwinnable Full Northshire puzzle and can’t go back to experiment.

From what I can reconstruct and recall, the solution was: Archer a minion, Lesser Heal it to draw the Pyro (7 mana left). Play the Pyromancer, and play Recruiter on Cleric (3 mana). Power Word: Shield (now free thanks to the nerf) on enemy Northshire will cause your Pyro to kill your Archer, leaving 4 damaged minions on your board. Play Fungal Enchanter with the last of your mana, get 4 draws from your Northshire. The 1 fatigue is survived by the heal from Fungal. Now you have the Clerics, and Boom has drawn 5 times. Battery Pack to refill mana (Recruiter and Pyro now have 1 health, 3 other damaged minions in play). Play two Clerics and Binding Heal one of them. It has full health so no fatigue, but the Pyromancer explodes again, killing itself and the Recruiter (and not the enemy Cleric since we buffed it earlier).

You now have 3 damaged Clerics, a damaged Fungal Enchanter, a damaged Sylvanas, 7 mana and Boom has one damaged Cleric. Play the last Cleric, perform The Swap, Treachery Boom’s Cleric back to him, then Circle. That’ll heal 6 minions and trigger 5 Clerics for a total of 35 stacks of fatigue, including the ones from before.

This is the link you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTGQggQZvvw&feature=youtu.be

DH above 70% WR again. The hero is becoming nearly unbeatable again. They have an unstoppable early game and so if your deck is minion based you just auto fold

Since new patch release a week, u did this.
well done :smiley:

instead I can not make the last challenge 4/4 someone can give me a solution? Why did I open the report but nothing has changed and it remains impossible to do it!

thanks! :slight_smile:

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Producing a curse and not thinking it as a curse. Very clever , indeed.

puzzles still cannot be solved… I start to ask myself … the other levels are based on pure luck or is it bug as well… because the game mechanic is impossible at least. It is not about being smart… the game is all about luck … at least it was… not not even luck will help you. Most of the games from solo game cannot be played if you just started…

I bought at least 10 packets and not even a priest card… most of them are daemons and hunter… where is the logic there?

Puzzle 4-4 Going full Northshire is still impossible, (rolls eyes) Please fix this Blizzard.