Shadow Clones - Please Remove Them

A) They cause lag and errors
B) They cause screen freezes

but most importantly:

C) dying because someone else’s shadow clone won’t stop attacking dervishes has to be the dumbest mechanic ever put into this game.

As a hardcore player, it is infuriating to lose a toon to something as inane as this. It’s completely unavoidable.

This season obviously wasn’t tested well enough. The screen freezes are infuriating. Several friends had gotten hyped for a new season start and now a few days in they are asking “what’s the point?” It is not fun to put in the time and lost characters for stupid reasons.

Please remind me, what is the point in a character staying active and taking damage on the server when the client has crashed and is no longer capable of doing anything to save the toon?

I realize you guys don’t care about this game anymore, but the 4th cube slot is provocative enough to make this season interesting. The shadow clones add nothing but clutter, unnecessary danger, and bugs. There is literally no positive to them whatsoever. They are either OP early on or just in the way later.


Hasn’t lagged or froze on me. Instead of griping and insisting that no one else w/o issues suffer from your problems, just don’t click the pylons.


We were two-manning a 120 and trying to spawn the RG with a power pylon with only a couple of minutes left. Pylons are supposed to be an important part of the game, but in fact, we have stopped using pylons in speeds and farming for this very reason. I am not the only person with the problem. If we hadn’t had 3 people kill toons in the last day due to these errors, I wouldn’t be complaining about it. We didn’t have issues before this season. We notice the screen choppiness on certain tile sets and especially when multiple clones have been spawned, for instance in speed runs. It was already annoying, but then getting merc’d by a shadow clones with dervishes was just icing on the cake.

Sage advice, lol, just don’t click pylons. Genius.

Edit: Ha, of course you don’t care - you don’t play hardcore.


Hasnt lagged or frozen for me either…might just be people using old potatoes :man_shrugging:


Softcore players are suffering from this as well, ‘clone reflect’ off a dervish killed my character, and it cost me almost 11,000 in gold to repair at the Blacksmith. Feels bad man.


Several posters, myself included, pointed out these problems repeatedly during the PTR. Do you know what the response from Blizzard was? Ha ha! Trick question, there was no response. They were too busy dealing with hideous server problems to actually fix anything with the clones.

The screen freeze in the PTR seemed to be related to summoning clones that use assets that aren’t loaded yet. I’ve been playing my HC wizard quite a bit this season and haven’t yet had the screen freeze. But I’m only running GR60 since I haven’t got all the gear yet to start pushing. I didn’t get a damn Serpent Sparker until I made Paragon 250. :face_vomiting:


Thankfully they fixed that and we have had nary a peep about any such issues cropping up this season :grin:

Yes, yes, I’m sure it was because we didn’t test it well enough…

…it’s definitely not that they ignored the feedback / bug reports.


Its annoying, but best thing to do is to stop using nemesis bracers. :confused:

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There was an outstanding post on the PTR listing all the problems with clones (allthough lag wasn’t one of them , but that might because the PTR server itself was laggy as sh** allthough you’re the first I hear about this).

Let’s see if I can find it. Ah, there it is.

And as usual the Devs quickly took notice of our feedback and acted accordingly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You could have found it in the post I made 80 minutes before yours…


Wait, what? You can actually die if a clone attacks the dune dervish? For me they run smoothly so far, never had an issue apart from crusader clones vanishing sometimes.

Not in my experience.

Not in my experience.

If they bother you that much, teleport back to town for a second. They despawn when you leave the level that spawned them.

The only thing for me is that they disappear more often than not. There seems to be a problem with this for Crusaders. I personally don’t care to much about it, this season is more about the 4th cube slot for me

Had my post open for quite a bit (work :wink:) so I hadn’t seen you reply.

I’m waiting for blizzard to come to the rescue with a “working as intended”.

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If the clone is of a type that has projectiles in its abilities, yes. For example, one of the DH clones has Impale, all three Necro clones have Bone Spear.

Most of the hero classes have clones that do not have projectile attacks, so have nothing for the Dervishes to reflect. Of course, if you group up with one of the “problem” classes, their clones can kill you. There was also a bug on PTR where non-DH heroes would sometimes spawn DH clones, so it was possible for non-DH heroes to be killed by their own clone’s Impale attacks.


yeah thats why i dont play hc because i dont want to a bug kill my character, an easy fix is dont play hc, and problem solved

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Ironically, teleporting back to town won’t actually despawn them. They follow you through waypoints and portals, just not area exits.

I’m thinking the opposite, had no probs at all, they do wander a little but as long as they hit stuff I don’t care. Darn site better than last seasons stuff which would hit fresh air a lot of the time.

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