Seemed to be killed by party members shadow clone

I was running a greater rift with a bud on his crusader, while I was playing monk, and when I died it said I was slain by “!!Missing!! - 52021 :SeasonTheme_Crusader”. Just made it sound like I was killed by his shadow clone crusader somehow.

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Confirmed. I was playing with a random pub group on PTR doing GR’s this morning when it happened to me. It appears another player’s shadow clone’s projectiles can kill you when they are deflected by an enemy such as Sokahr the Keywarden. Spinning and deflecting your own projectiles back at you is nothing new (and maybe expected from your own shadow clones?), but another player’s shadow clone projectiles? Is this intended behaviour with shadow clones in the mix?

Screenshot of the error message (mentioned above) in the chat window.


It’s worse than that. Currently there seems to be an issue where ANY class can have DH shadow clones spawn and those clones can cause the reflected projectile bug. So even if you play solo on a class that should never have to deal with reflected projectiles now you can. Oh, and as an extra special “feature” sometimes summoning the shadow clone of a different class can cause the game to freeze for several seconds while it’s searching for assets to render the shadow clone. So you can touch a pylon, watch the screen lock up, and get a death message. Isn’t that so much fun? :face_vomiting:

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Definitely needs a fix. Initially I only saw reports of the wrong shadow clone spawning for people in the Not Cow Level, but now I see possible reports of this happening in other maps too. Wonder if it has to do with a specific shrine or pylon?