Pylon Clones are killing us!

It seems DH clones can kill us. Please fix this bug. HC can’t click pylon

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I wouldn’t really call this a bug but yes, some Shadow Clones has “Projectile Attacks/Skills” that will reflect from an enemy back at you killing you in the process, like literally almost instantly killing you without any real visual notice. It really is a big issue for HC players. Not sure what the D3 team will do, guess we wait and see what happens.

I’ll lay odds you will get ‘Working as intended’.


Oh great again this issue…

This is why I decided to sit out S21 cause the theme almost killed my HC char and I’m not okay with that.

I can live w/o Nemesis and I only play solo but this way I would have to leave every Rift/GR that has those reflect enemies just to be sure and that would get old/annoying pretty fast.

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Lay you bigger odds we don’t even get that, they will just say nothing.

they will probably have to patch today if they want to do any real balancing efforts. Dont get your hopes up.

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Thank you sir, appreciate it

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Yes, this is a major concern for many players. I have highlighted this as the biggest issue regarding the season theme in my consolidated feedback thread:

If you have other concerns about the theme, and it isn’t listed in my thread, please let me know!

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