Shadow Clones Are Killing Me

Running GR120+ using support GoD DH together with Thorns Bombardment Crusader. When I hit a pylon (while using Nemesis), the shadow clones will spawn together with an elite pack. Should the elite pack have Dune Dervishes (spinners which reflect projectiles when spinning), it’s almost a certain death for the entire party with deaths attributed to “!!Missing!! - 52021:Season Theme_Crusader” or “!!Missing!! - 52021:Season Theme_DemonHunter”. Comparing notes with my GR partner, it feels like this damage occasionally bypasses cheat deaths, in this case, Akarat Champions Prophet and Awareness.

Hence, if this is a bug, please fix it. If this is a feature, could Blizzard not make clones have projectiles? It seems silly if every build has to flee from Dune Dervishes next season. I get it if I’m playing Shadow DH and that’s the trade-off, but even if I’m a support with no damage, I can now die to Reflection of damage. Also, because I spend half the season playing SC and half playing HC, I can see this issue completely wrecking any intention of playing HC next season.


One of the DH clones has Impale / Ricochet.
One of the Crusader clones has Blessed Shield / Shattering Throw.
All of the Necromancer clones have Bone Spear (various runes).

If these are reflected back to the heroes, they’re going to cause deaths. Oddly enough, this possibility was brought up as soon as the PTR blog was published, and queried whether it could happen precisely because it would be ruinous for hardcore heroes.


This is certainly #1 on my list of season theme issues. I’ll be making a comprehensive post on the theme later.


Yeah, that is bad enough in SC and could cause some player rage. HC? I can imagine many a broken keyboard, with the possibility of a flying piece hitting the monitor and giving that a death as well.

That issue, the CC issue, and the following issue should be enough to scrap the clones and ‘maybe’ do something else. The 4th cube slot is already a win, don’t need much else for the season. We had a RoRG season, that was good enough without any bells and whistles.


Not Reflect Damage, but Reflect Projectile.

I had predicted this before PTR ever started


Blessed Shield can’t be reflected by Dune Dervishes.

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Hey, added obstacle! Guess don’t wear men’s in HC :grin:

Can we just have the way the dune dervishes and sand dwellers reflect ability works to instead reflect the projectile at the monster’s damage rather than at the players? I hate fighting these monsters with my frenzy barb on live since I always kill myself on them at random.


Yeah it can be pretty annoying when a Shadow Clone’s projectiles reflects from an enemy back at you killing you in the process… It is an issue but I dont really see it as a big issue in SC, I’d imagine in HC is be a major issue. Some players specifically stray away from Projectiles in their build to avoid this so it would suck if a Shadow Clones spawns with a Projectile attack/spell in HC killing you unexpectedly.

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The clones no longer have abilities that cause hard CC.
That was in the update to the PTR blog.

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May get to the point where players no longer click pylons.


Unfortunately, it was to be expected that this would happen. It’s just sad that they never think of the HC players and don’t fix it. This season theme also kills players when the beam comes and there are spinners which reflect.

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Will be enough if we just don’t use Nemesis. Which is obviously bad but Nemesis is not something we can’t play without. I see it the best outcome as Bliz will change nothing anyway.


That’s fine for solo, but most groups are going to have a player with Nems.

There goes Hardcore next season… :roll_eyes:


Aren’t you thankful…

It’s working as intended…

Blizz never ceases to amaze me each new season…

I guess S21 started a new trend in making your players (especially Solo ones) even more frustrated than they already were…

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Guess DH should not be clicking pylons in the groups…

Let’s at least give them an opportunity to fix it before it hits live before accusing them of repeating last season’s fiasco of a theme.


Wouldn’t surprise me if they repeated the same the same mistake they did with last season…

Maybe I’m wrong we will see…


This was happening to GoD DH all last season…

Tap a pylon > get Dervishes > Dead GoD DH