Clones + Reflection = Death

I still am yet to see anything addressing Clones being able to kill you on refelection (such as Sand Dwellers).

This sucks on Softcore but REALLY sucks on Hardcore. It should be addressed the same as hard CC was (reflections from clones do no damage, or remove any abilities that reflect).

Reflection instantly killing you when you do it to yourself is bad enough (damage has scaled way more in the game than defense), but at least I can choose to not cast a skill that reflects when a mob type that will kill me from it is around. One can’t do the same with the clones.

On behalf of all hardcore players, please please please address this!


Easiest and most desireful way to fix this would be removing this kind of missile reflection since that effect is already far too overscaled regarding the fact that it is working on behalf of the player’s damage.

Player damage vs. player health is far too much apart from each other and these kind of enemies therefore far too impactful even as normal trash enemies.


HC players are going to get hosed big time this season. I’ve had multiple toons proc their death avoidance by touching pylons and having the screen freeze for 3-5 seconds shortly afterwards. I think the first time the clone attacks something it causes the game to go searching for some assets and it freezes completely while doing so. It’s not consistent but it is frequent. I’ve posted about this in multiple threads talking about server lag and it’s never been addressed or even acknowledged. Frankly I don’t think Blizzard gives a flying fudge about HC.


I really just hope that this seasonal theme is our big chance to finally get rid of this mechanic in general.

Like said: It’s absolutely ridiculous when we are able to survive hell on earth even but then this mechanic (be it Elite/Champion/Minion or as regular trash enemies) is able to oneshot us through ANY kind of defense - except for Shield Pylon.

Either getting rid of it or changing it into the same way like the Reflect-affix is working right now (just without affix) - so that this is like an affix without the specific affix being given.
Same thing exists for Teleport on those Act4-MeteorMagus enemies. They can get an additional Teleport-affix ontop of their natural given Teleport-ability.

But reflected projectiles @ exactly the damage the player is doing in times of trillions and quadrillions of damage…
…when people have around 1mio HP (+/- ~300k) as dps and mostly around 2-4mio HP as zDPS…
… is one plain stupid leftover of a mechanic - in general.

Upcoming season is just making this even more ridiculous.