Season 21 - Trials of Tempests - July Hotfix Update

Game still gets full dark at times, or silly red.
At least the stupid foghorn is gone.


Thank you for the fixes that have been needed and listening to some of our complaints!

And the exploit goes on … or what ?

if thats the case, im done with this season. see ya next time, when you get it right.


Oh, finally Necros got the season theme. Thanks!

So, when are you going to fix the exploit of staggered buff stacking which has allowed lots of 4-man teams to run GR150s, gaining them lots of rank 150 gems, 750 stat Caldesann’s and silly amount of paragon levels?


So no bans? Okay, bya.


Per the design from the design team, the seasonal buff being passed around in groups is working as intended.

As noted in the hotfix items that Rich posted, the idea that you can grab stacks alone outside a GR to take them in and clear things correctly is not.

Season metas will change with each season.


Thank you for answering this. Many of us wanted to know prior to trying this.

Too bad there’s not a button to click to dis-able the theme.

I still get nervous for a second while tele’ing to town in HC and theme kicks in.


LOL. So the whole “exploit” thing was really just working as intended!? Was wondering why i didnt see anything on the notes regarding this. At least we know now, some players were worried they might get banned for this…

Was also looking for that passive CoE as a community buff but I guess thats a no…


Thanks for making the first two weeks of a season also part of PTR.


I don’t mind the seasonal theme being a central part of the meta, but passing the buff in a 4 man group is super inconsistent. Sometimes stacks will drop for no reason and the timers aren’t accurate. If this is the only competitive way to clear GRs it should at least be consistent rather than buggy so that it feels like a strategy with a game plan rather than a hit or miss exploit.


Snow effects are still a bit disorienting. Lighting changes are definitely still harsh in some ways - in one of the keeps dungeons, my screen went almost entirely black and I’d already set the gamma up on my monitor to compensate for the earlier changes.

Tornadoes don’t seem as bad. Laser lightning still hurts the eyes (vibration). The meteors are still obnoxious and I end up squinting every time I get that effect.

It could be worse because it WAS worse, but it definitely isn’t perfect.


I thought the same. They probably thought it was just easier to just say it is working as intended rather than trying to fix it. With some players already getting their gems to Lvl150 with this, I’m not sure how they would “reset” this. Easier to say “working as intended” rather than spending more time and money.


Okay, then the season will end for me here, because this is no “meta”, where a weather effect kills everything and in the end itemization, grinding etc. doesnt matter at all anymore. Really stupid season theme and nice try selling your bugs now as a “feature”.


Best thing to do is, take it on the chin, admit we got the season wrong, end season in 2 weeks. Start again with a properly working season theme, after being tested. I really dont mind a PTR that last 4 weeks to test things properly

BTW i appreciate the team actually helping out other players who have been suffering from the lightning and having headaches.


Gonna skip this season as well, just as I did on 19, not funny to stack “season themes” that kills entirely 150 GRs.

I really hope Blizzard learns how disappointing for most players are these kind of “bonus” for next ones.


still cant see when the seasonal debuff happens. still spawns 2-3 screens from where im currently at, snow, fire, and tornadoes might as well not even be in the game. lightning breath still kills me on reflect mobs, just had it happen. at least that disgusting fog horn is gone i guess? the seasonal debuff seems useless unless your exploiting it some how? as a casual player who just plays solo except for a public game for bounties this is still doing more harm the good.


That’s totally insane. That’s what lets zBarbs get 150’s… Thanks for the Clarification. I’m not hating the messenger, just the message. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:t4: :astonished:


The season 21 is a whole farce! Running 150s after week 1! What a failure. I skip this season as well.