Repost - List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/28

Why wasn’t the original patch reverted that caused the social aspect of this game to become so poor. It’s a game that pretty much requires group play to perform in the mid to upper levels and for almost 2 weeks it has not been fixed since the 2nd to last patch. Seems like a revert would’ve been better than a patch saying that it fixes it in patch notes, only to see that it is in fact, not fixed.


I was excited to see the patch update this morning but disappointed when i logged on after work to see that we are still stuck with the same issues plus a new one:-

Now I can’t see my clan members online at all?

Also a bug no-one seems to have mentioned is that if you set yourself to afk in game unless you go back to main menu and change it there change it in game does not work. It appears to be as soon as you close it reverts not a game breaker just another annoying thing.

Ah I see I cannot message my clan either clan is unavailable at this time error code?

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It’s a wide ranging issue that affects more than you know. It takes time to find the root cause of the issue. It could be as simple as some bad code that requires a change, or a larger issue, such as an API or hardware issue. Regardless, be aware that there might be another patch once the root cause is found and a solution is implemented.

A change in the BNet protocols concerning how the chat servers interact with the game (among other things) is a reasonable reason for the current bugs. Good thing maintenance is in a few hours.

I’m getting this error “you cannot add new friends because your friends list is full (Error code 5016)” despite that I’m not at max friends, only 30 something…

Bad error text most likely. Ask your potential friend to check his count. I bet it’s maxed. Have him delete one+ and try again.

Thanks @Asoong!

As a general update, I wanted to chime back in and let the thread know that I have forwarded along each of the items listed in the OP.

Here’s where we’re at currently:

Edit: 10/1

Party chat - Resolved, though we’re keeping our eyes out for additional reports.
Clan chat - Resolved, though we’re keeping our eyes out for additional reports.
Groups - Still under investigation.
Friends list - Still under investigation.
Community chat - Resolved.
Profiles: Fix in progress.

Unable to change character (when in a party): So far we are unable to repro this issue, but we continuing to keep our eyes out for feedback and callouts regarding this.

invisible characters (some chars not displaying in party menu): At this time, believed to be related to the ‘Groups’ issue noted above.

Broadcast (not working) - We believe we’ve identified two separate issues with this; friends list displaying the wrong time since the last broadcast was sent, and the second issue being broadcasts not being sent at all. Both are actively being looked into.


Invites are still not working correctly for me.
When a friend is already in a game and I login, their (Seasonal) characters show as Non Season 0 (xxx) Unknown and I cannot join, Invite or request Invite until my friend exits to Launcher and starts a new game. Then my friend’s character shows correctly and Invites are enabled.


Asia realm I’m in a full clan “KL Malaysian D3”

There is no clan information at all.

Shows 0 members Online.

if you click on clan it says “This Clan is unavailable at this time.”

ASIA realm logged into two accounts and invited one to make party of two.
Used the friends list method of left click invite to game button and it worked with both sort of in menu.

Here are two SS which show first evidence of a bigger problem.

  1. party leader shows with missing image of 2nd.
  2. 2nd player shows in party with party leader, both images fine. All good here

I have two monitors and have one account on each.
My SS’s are of the two monitors with the supposed party of two in menu.

Notice on the first SS that the ‘Start Game’ button is dead.
If I hover my mouse over it I get this message:

Unable to start game: Shivan has not unlocked Torment XVI difficulty.

FACT: Shivan has done a S18 Monk gr 90 and a S18 Wizard gr 85.
So he has indeed unlocked Torment XVI.

2nd Try to make two seasonal lvl 70 accounts join in party and go to town that failed

I unpartied and used friend list to ‘request party invite’ from Shivan to Amma.
The invite was received by Amma, clicked and back to same two SS’s.
With same error of: Unable to start game: Shivan has not unlocked Torment XVI difficulty.

I am unable to take a party of two on ASIA realm with two lvl 70 seasonal accounts to town.

3rd Try to make two seasonal lvl 70 accounts join in party and go to town that failed

I lowered to difficulty to Torment VI and the error changed with dead Start Game button.
Unable to start game: Seasonal hero’s are unable to play with non seasonal hero’s.

4th Try to make two seasonal lvl 70 accounts join in party and go to town that worked

I unpartied and changed party leader to Shivan by having him invite Amma to party.
It works, I am able to go to town.

For me, the Request Party Invite option was dithered on my friend who was also playing a seasonal game with the “cannot play with non-seasonal” error (we both have seasonal characters). I could invite the same friend to my party, but their character image did not appear in the party. In that instance, Start Game was dithered with the same error.

One workaround was joining the friend’s party, then they were able to start a T6 game (but not 10)… we were then able to back out of the game together, and then start a T10 game successfully.

ami me pasa lo mismo despues del segundo mantenimiento a mejorado algo pero sigue igual lo del chat

I’m still getting constant lock ups. Had no problems with lockups ever, until the patch with this season. Now it’s almost constant. It’s all I can do not to have to reboot to get back to the desktop. It’s made the game pretty much unplayable.

Lockups can be caused by many things… see the troubleshooting for lockups here: Diablo III Locking and Crashing - Blizzard Support including Advanced troubleshooting. The text in blue are links to additional information you may find useful.

If the lockups continue after going through the entire troubleshooting, post to the Technical Support forum or contact Blizzard Support directly at Contact Support - Blizzard Support and submit a web ticket.

Pls note that crashes are not considered a bug by Blizzard… unless of course everyone is crashing at the same spot… and that is not happening.


Still experiencing most of these bugs, it makes Diablo 3 unplayable. They need to fix this asap, major problem. Cannot get a private game started, literally makes the game unplayable.

Comms that are grayed out cannot be accessed or removed. Clan rooster and chat are inaccessible as well as showing 0 online members. Major catastrophe imo. Comms that are not grayed out seems to be working fine. Screenshot EU server:

Logged into EU server region, around 13:35 BST (12:35 UTC) and did a /who on the General chat channel, with this result…

It’s been absolutely fine earlier today.

Please note that #20336 is a non-usual channel number for General.

Exited and re-started the client. This time got joined to a General with channel #19671 with 99 players in it. A /who on that returned player names correctly, although it’s still a non-standard # number for the channel.

Is there a time when the bugs are going to be fixed? Or is Blizz just going to be quiet about this the whole time??
Game is almost unplayable now, lost almost 2 hours last night to start game again after we went new game. had to switch chars the whole time and party leader aswell. Clan chat is still down and most of the comunities aswell.

Playing D3 since day one and never had problems like this before with communication with blizzard/ my clan/friends/ communities also ! Can’t invite anyone because i don’t see anyone ! Clan 0 / communities 0 ??? And blizzard people are in quiet mode ! No informations at all :frowning: I’m very disappointed ! Just hoping that anyone will write message back what’s the story ? When you gonna fix that , what’s happening? Anything please !


I have exactly the same problem code error 319045

I too have been playing D3 since beta, and never experienced such ignorance.
Blizz, fix our game please!
3 weeks of bugs that have not been resolved is unacceptable.
Is this on purpose to get us to play WoW classic?

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