Rend mechanics 2.6.7

Hello fellow barbs. Can some expert explain to me the mechanics of rend skill???
I mean how ias ,ad and other attributes contribute to the skill.

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Rend is not affected by IAS or AD as I remember. Rend can’t crit but it’s damage is affected by crit chance and crit damage.

Tested everything I could think of to test about rend. Here is the summary:

  • Rend’s base duration is 6 seconds, not 5 (the tooltip is straight up incorrect).
  • Rend’s selfcast damage is only calculated off mainhand. The off-hand can be any off-rolled weapon for supporting purposes (CDR, AD etc.). WW, and therefore Ambo’s, oscillates between mainhand and off-hand.
  • Rend scales with CHC & CHD but CAN NOT crit.
    • Each Rend tick has (1 + CHC * CHD) as a separate multiplier.
    • Only CHC and CHD that you see in your detail sheet, will scale rend. Any debuff-CHC (Iceblink, Multishot, Corpse Lance, Bash, etc.) will not scale Rend.
    • Battler Rage:Bloodshed has 0 effect on/for Rend damage (except for the base rune crit), because Rend does not crit.
    • Battle Rage:Into the Fray does not have a cap, increases CHC in sheet and therefore works with Rend.
  • A Rend instance snapshots CHC upon cast.
  • Selfcast Rend does proc Area Damage.
  • Rend applied by Ambo’s does not proc Area Damage.
  • Ambo’s has a proc-coefficient of 1 and applies a Rend on each WWs tick.
  • Ambo’s does apply the equipped rune from the skillbar.
  • Ambo’s does oscillate between main and off-hand, since WW does.
  • Ambo’s pride can’t exceed the Lamentation cap of 2.
  • Rend:Bloodbath explosions count as a separate Rend instance but are capped at 2 due to Lamentation. This makes Bloodbath by far the best DPS rune (doubling the damage output).
  • Rend ticks every 12 Frames (0.2 seconds). Damage is accumulated and displayed every 48 Frames (0.8 seconds).

Untested: It’s unclear right now, if Ambo’s override selfcasted Rend instances. There are 3 outcomes:

  • Rend from selfcast and Rend from Ambo’s share the same cap from Lamentation and “the newest” instance overrides the “oldest” instance.
  • Rend from selfcast and Rend from Ambo’s share the same cap from Lamentation and “the newest” instance is ignored.
  • Rend from selfcast and Rend from Ambo’s have a separate cap (2 each).

It’s very tricky to conclusively test the last interaction; I can’t think of a test setup that can do it as of now, since Ambo’s resolve in 1s (a bit too quickly).

//Edit: Clarified interaction with DW and Ambo’s Pride, which wasn’t specified earlier. Since WW oscillates, Ambo’s autocast does oscillate. Rend selfcast doesn’t oscillate.


This is good stuff. It helped me answer a few questions I had and makes me think 125 clear could be alot better. So basically area damage is bad now and bloodshed rune is bad now. I still have alot of area and used bloodshed in my 125. I got some gear to find.

  • Script Formula 0: 1

Chance to Proc

  • CastTargetAllies: 1

  • CastTargetEnemies: 1

  • CastTargetNeutral: 1

  • Is Item Power: 1

  • Is Passive: 1

** RuneA Proc Scalar: 0**

  • TargetNavMeshOnly: 1

  • Template: 25

How d u get proc coeff 1?

Each WWs tick? Really no 1s cool down?

Really? I don’t believe this.

  • Rend’s damage is only calculated off mainhand. The off-haned can be any off-rolled weapon for supporting purposes (CDR, AD etc.)

Ohh nice. If thats true then we could rerolls the dmg on the off-hand for something else like elite dmg and life per hit/vit
And one less primal to find haha.

Just to be sure, we still need to double cast Rend from skill bar to benefit from the two stacks from Lamentations?

No rend is applied twice by ww. You only have in on your barb to select a rune.

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Is Rend being factored into Bloodshed?

Doubt it. Rend doesn’t crit.

These are some pretty nice mechanics.

Ya that’s what I thought/expected, but the Bloodshed numbers seem pretty high.

Just good to know that we don’t have to alter stats by much. At least for me. And don’t Have to find all the gear over.

Not sure what you mean by “bloodshed numbers seem pretty high”.
It says bloodshed rune has zero effect on rend because it can not crit. Only the base rune helps rend because of the multiplier seen higher up. Into the fray is the best rune. It will give healing with proper ww rune and increase rend damage.

He likely meant Bloodbath

No. I mean Bloodshed.

Rend doesn’t crit. Rend is doing most of the damage. So why are my Bloodshed numbers so high?

Ahh your saying in game numbers not on paper.

Fascinating and true. I have just tested and confirmed it.
Edit: test was direct rend only. Others’ tests showed Ambos rends take damage from off-hand!


Awesome. Thanks for the testing man!

Stop believing. Go testing and confirming while PTR is up.

Are you using Whirlwind? Whirlwind itself (while being a catalyst to Rend) can crit and will proc Bloodshed like in the old setup. Test without WW and you’ll see no Bloodshed procs. Any selfcasted or autocasted Rend setups will not proc Bloodshed.

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