Petition -altar of rites to come to non season

Everyone who enjoys Diablo 3 Non season / Eternal Realm that wishes to have the altar as a permanent feature to Non Season please comment or like. I will link this to Blizzards Twitter page and Adam Fletchers page also.


Time to buy D4 on steam, refund and leave a negative review telling them not to gimp D3 thinking I would buy D4 hahaha


I personally do not play NS but I hope they add the altar and the visions (like they said yesterday) so the NS players can have some fun grinding out paragon. All the more so considering D3 will not have anymore new content.

From the Battlenet launcher yesterday :point_down:

"Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity are here to stay

These two features from past seasons are now permanent additions to Diablo III. Try them out in Patch 2.7.7. today!"


Asia Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • Had Altar of Rites

Europe Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • Had Mail. Contained 3 Haedrig’s Gifts even though I already collected them during Season 29.
  • NO Altar of Rites

Americas Region, Patch 2.7.7 non-Season

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites

Went back to Asia Region to check for Mail

  • No Mail
  • NO Altar of Rites this time

Launcher News Window – Before

Launcher News Window – After


Blizzard, please hear the voices of one of your most loyal communities.

We played and supported D3 as part of a beloved franchise for more than 10 years, enabling development of D4.

We do not ask for much.

It just requires a tick of the “available in non-season” box. It will not break the game or balancing of classes. It will add QoL for people who simply enjoy playing your game!


Poland want altar <3 Blizzard plz Fletcher plz


Make the altar and fissures available to non-season also!


The Altar is the best addition to the game ever.

Please, make it available in NS.


Thank you for posting this - I have now shared this thread on the offical Blizzard Twitter post… (see Jan 10)


It was good while it lasted…
Oh well.

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If the Altar came to NS “by popular demand” it might convince more players to give D4 a shot.


Bringing the Altar (and maybe fissures) to NS would breathe some extra life into the game, certainly that’s a win?


The fact it did appear in NS for a brief moment before somebody had to scramble and get it removed quickly proves it can work in NS and was most likely intended for NS too.

Then somebody said take it out for whatever garbage, player hostile reason and they did.

Then they told their CM to lie about “whoopsie I misspoke, sorries!” on Twitter (god forbid they ever post here)

Why do all this and leave such a negative impact on your players and community?

If they think this will move people to their newer, much greedier games, that’s not going to work as much as they think it will. People figure out they’re just going to do the same player hostile garbage in the new games too eventually. So why?


the altar of rites definitely belongs in the non-season version. it is completely incomprehensible when nerfs are carried out in the season so that the age does not make the characters too strong there, but non-season is ignored and the characters are weaker there, sometimes by serious values.


I own D2R , D3 and D4 !!! I am the least biased player even requesting and I am glad I am not the only one at that.


As someone who only plays Seasons, I loaded up the game today to play Non Season Because the Altar was supposed to be there! I am Sad and Disappointed! I don’t understand this decision!


Thx for the let down blizzard. After uninstalling d2r and d4 its now time to uninstall d3 and focus sololy on Last Epoch. Thx for the extra free time.


Yeah, I want it, too, the game would be so good in its final state if it had it for NS.


Seasons is key for diablo 4 and now key for diablo 3, Go figure

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But there is significal gap between seasons. And now no guarantee that all recyclyng seasons would be interesting.