Message from the guy who cleared 140 on PTR

So, I have been silent for a moment here, watching everyone using my own words to justify his own point, quoting me, making me say things I didn’t say. At some point, this is pissing me off. I will just go point by point (sorry in advance, my english isn’t perfect).

  1. People are saying my rift was perfect and that I was lying about the fact that ww could do 144/5.
    Facts : this wood is straightline layout, with sewer layout at the start. Conduit came very late. Best mobtype ? Yes.
    What could easily happened better ? Circle layout conduit in the middle, and with the same mobs, I could gather the whole map at least 3/4min faster. I loose more than 2min on the sewer to do the last %s, a dream wood can be 100%. So in best case scenario, it would be realistic to say that I could have spawn 6min power boss on 140.
    That being said, I see people comparing top clears of each class between each other, some taking top NS clear, some taking a s16 clear with theme from an illu enslave one spot rift as comparison. This is non sense. If I considered illu enslave fight as a “dream rift” I would have said that ww/rend woudl have cleared 148 at least.

  2. People saying I said WD/DH can’t clear 140 (despite they already did) : just read my message again. I said specificly that they couldn’t clear it in the rift showcased in my 140 video.

  3. People said I help/asked for a ww nerf : what did I actually said : I said that considering the ping lowering my performances on ptr, wrong skill and still some bad pieces, and considering how better the rift could have been in best case scenario, ww could clear as high as chantodo with same para (which is the case) and bazooka. I was wrong about bazooka, ok. Then I said specificly that bazooka was the build that had to being nerfed, not ww/rend, don’t make talk things I didn’t say.
    Hate messages on youtube, forums, whinning about this “140 by a 10k5p player” that made the build getting nerfed. Sorry, but no. Blizzard made the nerf, not me. The realistic things is that EVERYONE played barb on PTR season/NS, because it was the new build. Monk and crus set were both trash compare to top builds, so since nothing changes for classes decently strong alrdy (WD/DH), no one played them ofc. So what happened ? Insane gaps in barb top clears on NS PTR, and ESPECIALLY on season PTR, because of season buff mostly and the barb hype. So what’s the most realistic thing that happened here ? Blizzard is out of touch which how they manage their game, so they thought it was the build, even though in the end, it was the season buff.
    PS : for those who said i did tryhard on PTR to get it nerfed, I played barb 3h on ptr, and then ragequit due to ping and ww lag in high dens, so i didn’t put any effort on this 140, also I was reading my chat half the time.

Final note : . this is ok to try to raise blizz attention about that, but the way you go is bad. Anyone who got opinion which is in favour of nerf gets bashed. Seriously ?
Quoting directly : “If you’re reading this and don’t think you can 100% support what is proposed in the thread, DO NOT POST.” THIS IS NOT RIGHT.
I salute the initiative, but not that way, this is bad.
. Keep in mind nothing was official yet, we have already seen random buffs on previous PTRs which were not even if the patch notes (for those who remember, a random 40k% rathma -p on 2.6.5 ptr for example, ressource bracers giving 100% ressource, etc)
I guess even though no blue post was made, they are aware about barbs disapointement, so the toxicity isn’t needed. Diablo is one of the most mature community in gaming, 50% of my viewers on youtube have 30+ according to youtube stats, but don’t like like angry fortnite kids crying about a shotgun nerf.
To conclude, I don’t have personal opinion about if it should be nerfed or not, to me doesn’t matter if a class so 120 at his best or 150, the competition on barb is barbs vs barbs, not barb vs wiz/dh, but if everyone wants that buff, I hope they will step back, maybe this will bring some players on a kinda dead class when it comes to solo push.


For what it’s worth I don’t think people are referring to you as a liar, as much as people using your words to justify their screaming for a nerf.

People were using your thoughts on what the build can do as fact.

They had zero evidence to back those thoughts up.


Man, it is not your fault bro. Unfortunately some trolls ([Removed]) has been twisting your words, making up a story fitting their own agenda, etc. Flat out spread lies around. We called it out quite a few times.

If people are attributing the nerf to you clears, it is not due to your pushing it, but due to Trolls claiming “140GR push, barb OP, the guys said he can clear 145 easy, stronger than chantodo and bazooka etc” kind of expressions. You got the deal. It resulted in a 7GR nerf to WW.

It is not your fault or anything. It is them trolls being trolls.

FYI: For all is worth, back in the day RxT (a very good player) cleared 118 back in patch 2.6.1 and some trolls came forth and claimed that he could do 125, which was not true. And later seasons showed that ww barb was not OP at all and it was at the bottom of the DPS chain. The same type of deal. Usually it is not the player’s fault but trolls being trolls.

That is why we never suggest pushing any barb build on PTRs as these trolls find a way to squeeze their own agenda.

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Rxt has been my mate for more than 2years back on time before he left the game. We always had fun compete against each other on barb, but on ww, he was definitely godlike compare to anyone in EU. Only Residuals (if I remember well) in US was able to equal him.
On PTR, he never “pushed” and neither did I, I was just on stream ppl asked me for 140, I went for it and it took less than half a minute, and I had runs where i was ahead on really bad floors (desert with impalers for example), just because this build can obliterate elites with power for example.


Also, as people estimated even if rend would clear 144-145, why it has to be nerfed? It is not possible to understand.

Wizards, Necros can clear these why barb is considered OP, if rend can. I don’t understand the mentality of the developers that decide to nerf this.

FYI: I wrongly remember your name as Darkpotatoes, I see it is Darkpatator. Man how can one remember this though? :slight_smile: interesting nick name choice.

We have potato king before Kingbenjamin. I wonder where he is now?

Ben you there?

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Man, I’m glad Barb is a solo only class and hasnt been relegated to an exclusively zdps role in groups, for years, because every build it has is too weak to perform competently in actual dps roles.

Good thing we weren’t given a glimmer of hope of a competently performing dps build. That would have cruel to have that crushed.


Thank you for taking the time to post that. Sadly the ones who NEED to read and understand what you said won’t.

Yeah, this whole mess definitely isn’t your fault. Blizz is just so, SO bad at any kind of interpretation of data generated by PTR.

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Dark, I appreciate you speaking out. There are a few things I want to touch on.

This strikes me as incredibly naive or just plain false. You’re an experienced player. You know how these things work, and you surely know that there’s a long-standing history between Barbs and getting nerfed for PTR performance.

My point is: What did you think would happen if you cleared a 140?

Why would you even attempt it knowing that there’s a very good chance the Classic Games Team will have a knee-jerk reaction and nerf the build into the ground?

This just doesn’t add up to me.

I agree–hate messages are not okay, and yes, Blizzard makes the final decisions, but you most certainly had a part to play in this. Again, you had to know that pushing to 140 would risk the build getting a nerf. You have tons of experience with the game, and you’ve seen this happen before in PTRs.

So here’s my question: Why did you do it in the first place when you know the likely result would be a nerf? What did you think would happen?

You’re welcome to your opinion, but I don’t agree. Barbs have been neglected for years: outdated items, no updates, etc. Our two strongest builds rely on broken gimmicks like wall-charging; you know because you have the highest global Barb clears with one of those builds. I just saw your 134 clear and wall-charging was a major contributor in you fight against Saxtris. Meanwhile, other classes on non-Season are 140 capable. And here on the forums, trolls come out of the woodwork to get us nerfed when we finally get some semblance of cross-class power and efficiency.

And where are we now? If the BlizzCon screenshots are correct, Lamentation lost its entire multiplier.

So, yeah, if you don’t support buffs, if you’re not in favor of taking back the narrative, you’re not helping the class improve. It’s time for Barbs to speak up about exactly what they want, and it’s time we stopped settling for scraps while other classes get to soar.

But it’s never that simple, and trying to shrug it off really shows a deep-rooted disconnect for how the game works for most players.

Our two strongest builds rely on gimmicky wall-charging. Meanwhile, 4 of our other 6 major builds struggle to reach 130, and none have yet to crack it. Pro-Slam and IK HOTA can’t even clear that high, and Phys EQ has yet to get there.

Zodiac WW is a fishing nightmare that demands perfect gear. EQ is strong and fun, but takes forever and a day to kill an RG, and thus relies on tons and tons of fishing. R6 HOTA is a clunky, gimmicky mess that still barely appears on the radar of other classes.

And for most players–those with 800 Paragon, or 1k, or 2k, or even 3k, they get to struggle with achieving perfect rolls and still being 5-10 GRs under where other classes are. For example, my Impale DH can, with trash gear and no Augments, clear 112 while my fully-geared and Augmented Zodiac WW build starts fishing at 110.

Can you see how frustrating Barb has become? Can see how bad the class is at killing elites, or not relying on gimmicks, or having some choice in map and mob combos?

Something is really, really wrong with this picture. Something is really, really wrong with Barb.

So, I’m glad it doesn’t really matter to you, but don’t dismiss the concerns of others just because you’ve adopted a flippant attitude.


In the past year or so, he’s been nothing but a troll. Not sure why, but his few appearances are generally to mock community efforts and stir the pot.

Good riddance, then.

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Hate to say this but it would have been someone else if it wasn’t DP. Same as it’s been for us every PTR.


Yeah, there were far too many people going ham on the PTR, but let’s face facts: Even if Rend Barb is the new strongest solo class… SO WHAT?

I mean, this is part of what we’re saying in the GD thread.


How is this person not banned yet?


Which person? Who are you talking about?

I strongly disagree it would be ok for one class to max out at 120 and another at 150. “Balance” may be elusive and ill-defined, but it’s still a decent goal for D3’s ongoing support, even if it cannot be fully realized. I think most people would agree that when builds are optimized, solo classes should clear GRs within a reasonable range of each other. Ideally, each class would also have several builds of a similar, high power level.

This is not strictly about leaderboard competition. The average player can understand discrepancies in power. It doesn’t feel great to swap from another class to Barb and turn down the GR level by 10+ even though you have the same or better gear than your other character, just to complete GRs in a similar time.

I support the buffs for Barbarians. They need it, not just for competition, but for fun. D3’s power creep is not ideal, but it’s here to stay, so let’s make the best of it. Let’s feel powerful and melt demon face.


I used you words in memes I made, but never called you a liar or said anything about you asking for a nerf.

I was reffering to those who ask for a nerf who just used your “WW Rend could clear 144-145 GR claim” as a weapon in their nerf campaign against barbs.

I never accussed you of being the reason for the lamentation nerf. Just used your words to point out how wrong those who cried for nerfs were…

I’m for all classes being balanced arround 4-5 GR levels, and 140 GR as the new cap for solo for All classes. Even If barbs could push up to 142-144 GR while others 146-148 GRs I wouldn’t ask to nerf the strongest classes…

Wow! ZeDark itself!
Your ̶a̶p̶o̶l̶o̶g̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶- sorry claims - accepted!
How about the Barb Community that kept their fingers crossed and asked everyone not to push on PTR?!
Quite by accident, you decided to try…
Accidentally with 10k5p and 150l gems
And not even you, but

Ok. Got it
Just like Rxt did it a while ago
Inadvertently ruined the party all [other] Barbarians had been waiting for many years
()it happens… Didn’t understand each other… English isn’t perfect…
As a result, Barbarians are now where they are
What did they want?!

Thx for clarification!

K, got it too…


I agree with Free and its a bit odd that you supposedly casually did a 140 and quit because of lag/ping etc.
Anyone with your amount of paragon has a huge advantage to even a para 6000 player and with that power comes the responsibility to be more constructive with a push.


I know the competition is barb vs barb BUT everybody is sick of playing rats by now. This nerf ruins the chance for rend to be competitive with rats. We really need as many options as possible for speed xp metas since now bazooka is nerfed so that will not give nearly as much xp as rats or any other speed gr meta.