EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records

The leaderboards on EU have been intermittently not recording GR records. This issue has been going on for weeks, seemingly more frequent after server maintenances, and has been reported many, many times…

From EU Technical Support

From US Bug Report

From US General Discussion

Would it be possible for us to get an official response to at least acknowledge that you’re investigating this? Right now, it’s extremely discouraging to finally get a push clearance and potentially miss out on a leaderboard spot due to this fault.


A friend of mine on Europe server just completed a solo GR 80 in 3 min 12 seconds and he told me it show on his profile a gr 35 he did earlier solo.

There is something broken on Euro servers.

He also did his first gr 70 solo an hour ago and got a Pri GoD helm.

His profile doesn’t show that gr 70.

Did a 2 player clear two days ago, still not registering. Did a 139 and it still says 137 in both profile and on the leaderboard.

Just cleared a 123 solo on DH (previous best was 122) and didn’t register in profile, still says 122 as best this season…

Well I hope this gets resolved. I’m glad my last two clears registered.

i did gr 103 with barbarian seasonal character

got my 138 on solo Crusader after lots of map farming and keys wasted. cleared in 12:25:033 and i didnt move to rank 1. is all this effort wasted now?

Since the maintenance, no achievements visable, didnt get caches from challenge rift, but worse, didnt get validated for improving greater rifts on Europe servers. Do you even look in to this huge bug, there is no blue post or what so ever.
Tryed it on US server , it works fine.
Please do fix this,

Yup this has happened to me twice now and I’ve posted in this thread

As you mention, it seems to be completely random. Two days ago it didn’t record, yesterday it did and today it didn’t (and then did after I re-tried). I’ve taken screenshots. The fact that Blizzard has not even replied or acknowledged this given there is multiple posts and cases of this is extremely frustrating. This is a pretty big bug imo. Pushing is a big part of the game no? Even just a simple ‘we’re looking into this’ would be better than nothing.

EU server.


I agree. Although I am more relaxed on pushing than some, I spent many days of randomly and frustratingly pushing my WD and Barb to get to 120’s in GR levels and was relieved when I finally did and it was recorded.

If they were not recorded I would have been very frustrated indeed. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to push and “care” about the LB’s but to others, it is important and the satisfaction of completing a push they have waited for is a comforting thing. This alone to me is the purpose of games for me, relaxation and separation from real life stresses.

I hope it is just circumstantial on why there has been no communication and/or fix for this. We all have been through very hectic times when we forget about communicating about something and instead have our heads buried in something else. Hopefully soon there will be some feedback from a blue in the forum somewhere about this issue.


That’s true. I cleared a 121 GR today and In my season records I still see my previous best 120 GR clear…


For me the game also became very stingy in terms of Primal Ancient items since the maintenance.
Have you guys noticed something similar?

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Got 2 primals today, but after playing for way too long… Anyway yesterday I got nothing although usually I got 1 or 2 primals a day in 4-8h a day playtime…


Let’s keep this on topic, please. Don’t derail a topic asking to get the bugged EU leaderboard fixed with chat about primal drop rates.


Update: the EU leaderboards are sometimes recording the GR clearance records, but most of the time they don’t. Yesterday night we beat GR 150 four times with my group, but only the slowest one (14mn 49s) was recorded, not the other ones (although they were faster).

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Still not fixed, I just cleared 125, while profile shows 121

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I mentioned it, because I thought it might be related. I highly doubt, that the Leader Board issues are completely unrelated to other issues I’ve noticed, among which:

From what I can tell, since the maintenance the game feels kinda slugish… as if my character is running though water or against strong wind.

While loging into the game, the game retrieves the character list much slower. It used to be like instant, now it takes like whole 30 seconds.

I attempt to join a Public Game for regular Rifts. The game attempts to join an already existing game… then hosts for me. I play by myself, nobody joins during prime time.

All of these are indications, that the servers don’t run as good as usual since the maintenance and this needs to be investigated by Blizzard staff.

Then create a separate thread about those issues.
Please don’t cloud the leaderboard issue with other stuff.
We’ve been having leaderboard problems for over a month now.

Oh… well, the issues might still be related.
BTW, when you start the game, does it also retrieve character list slower than usual?

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This has been true for last week or so.
When the login gets to character list it hangs for 20 to 30 seconds.

It seems Blizzard did something to the Euro servers and it broke the reporting ability for hero’s.


Regularly testing if the EU leaderboard problem is fixed.

So far I have completed GR 127,128,129 for solo Necromancer Leaderboard none of them registered.