GR150 cleared but not recorded

Blizzard, seriously, what are you doing?? After a month of efforts, we finally managed tonight to clear a GR150 with my friends, but this was for nothing as it does not show up in our records! This shows once again your lack of professionalism, and the lack of resources allocated to this game…

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You should state which Region you’re playing on. I’m not having any issues with the Leaderboards updating or getting the Personal Best messages in the Chat Window.

I’m currently playing on the Americas Region.

Good point. I am playing on EU region.

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Could I suggest updating this thread…

…as we’re getting no response to US Bug Report or EU Technical Support threads, for weeks now.

Isn’t this like the 3rd time this has happened, including all regions, in the last two seasons? S20 we had it happen near the start and toward the end on Americas.