EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records

did again a 132 solo grift and not saved.
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this game is a bad joke atm, there is non sense to play a rpg game where progress is not saved.

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Do you have the decency to make a blue post about this ? that you are investigating on the issue… many people are pissed off now. I also was planning to push high this weekend but there is no point , also did a quick test solo and didn’t register record even did better time in 3s/4s 150s and we didn’t got record updated…REPLY pls tnx.

Or, provide a usable link…

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I’ve also this issue, although not pushing for any place in the top 1000, it is nice to be able to compare yourself with friends. And of course the top 1000, even if that is unobtainable :). Made a GR100 3 or 4 times but still on 95 in the list, however the bloodshards increase I did get. “Small mind small goals” LOL

All of the EU Technical Support threads all got merged into this one, which just got a blue response…


Hi… i’ve got the same issue here… yesterday i’ve finished a 130 gr in 13:08 with the dh… no leaderboards, no private record, … nothing…

but what i recognized was the fact that my shards cap is increased to 1800… and it stays there after a relog…

i hope that it could help to solve the problem soon…

kind regards

Ho lo stesso problema da circa una settimana: ho realizzato più best time in solo, in due, in tre o in quattro e nessuno è stato registrato.

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lol what going on???

Same issue for a few days now… this is really frustrating

For me it somehow works again. But for a lot of friends it is not working! Record leaderboard not recording and they leave the game. Please fix asap.

It’s intermittent.
Sometimes you’ll get a personal best / leaderboard spot recorded, other times you won’t.


having the same issue, i should be in the top 250 witch doctors in EU right now with my 121 clear but blizzard wont register the fact ive cleared it :frowning_face:

Same problem. Did 3 GR 121 monk, each after game restart. Still 120 personal best…

I have same problem last time. I just set my new record mayby 4 times and i have still my old record on board.

Hi, i just had a really good run and cleared 129 with my necro and this bugged game doesnt register it, wtf. screw the bounties get the game to work first please.

Found out something. Just logged in to do chalenge rift, as you see sometimes at log in “retrieving hero list” take several seconds, this happned and when wanted to do chalenge rift just observed that is the one from last week. Exit game and entered again, this time Retrive hero list went qucikly and correct challenge rift is listed for this week.
Porgress not saved/not updated when logging in have issues like stuck several seconds at retrieve hero list?

Yes, that’s also broken on EU…

We have problems with clans on EU too…

The faults being intermittent could certainly indicate that some of the servers in the EU farm have a fault and others do not. The fact that the problem with the double bounties not working on EU earlier in the week being due to something not propagating to all the servers in the farm might lend credence to this.

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All this bugs, there are some even not reported here, are because EU servers are unsync. Sometimes the player is just logged in into an unsync server which is out of the loop with others.
DO not understand why Blizzard do not have a look on this because it is a show stopper for any player.

Did we get a blue responce on that issue yet ? I hope that the levels we have cleared will be given to us once this is all resolved, otherwise we might as well quit pushing this season

The last blue response in the EU Technical Support thread was four days ago, and it said…

To pre-empt suggestions, please understand that sadly we wont be able to manually update or backdate runs

Basically, any clearances you get that aren’t recorded, you’d have to push that level again after they fix this.