Grift not recorded on EU server!

Just finish a grift 132 solo(previous best was 131) and was not recorded in leaderboards nor in my profile. Play in EU servers.

Is this game still playble as expected? not to talk abotu insane lags in public games and recently observed lags in some mps(act 4 like grfits) in solo games. I have 500Mb/s Internet with 1ms ping and >400Mb/s upload and download on speedtest, high end PC far above D3 requirenments.


Same for me. Happened on the seasonal solo monk leaderboard in EU. Both yesterday and today I did my personal best and it was not registered on the leaderboards twice. I have a stable fiber optics connection and a high end PC.
I have screenshots for that.


happened to me too yesterday. we did a GR143 in 4-mans, that didn‘t show up in my profil.
next we did a GR144, this time it worked just fine and is shown in seasonal best at my profil.

mayba just do another one! :wink:


It’s not just a leaderboard issue, it’s any highiest personal GR clear at all.

I cleared a 121 GR today and it’s not recorded in my season records at all…

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Acknowledged and under investigation…