Delayed 2: Resurrected

Name your source, obvious troll is obvious.

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Let’s not forget that Blizzard Entertainment once held the distinction of being in the top six NASDAQ, next to Haliburton and Cisco(six-things-activision-blizzard-does-right-2018-07-31).

These guys ever get their act together, they will rule the world.

So, what’s the rush? Really? We’re all fish on a hook, and if they want to play this out, they will. Frankly, the longer that they wait, the more gets done, the fewer complaints from Beta Team. Everyone goes home happy.


its August and there’s still no beta, Delayed 2 Resurrected.

It’s August 1st you moron.

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A troll is gonna troll.

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boy you are gonna be one salty fellow when they delay it

Hope not , life is to short for delays.

maybe you shouldn’t post things like that when there’s no news about it, speculating and creating dumb rumors is really stupid.

Why would it be “pretty clear”?

I mean of course dur to the recent scandals there is a chance, but it is nothing but the oposite of clear :expressionless:

While I don’t agree with the OPs statement about the game being delayed, because there has been no official word from Blizzard about any such delay…

However I’d like to put to rest the claims of the OPs name being misspelled. Google “tupac shakur makaveli”.

Edit: Official word has been given! Thanks PezRadar!

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I won’t be because they aren’t going to delay it, but can I ask, why do you WANT it delayed? Because you clearly do.

Good point. Also i think i was the one claiming it. So i’ll take back that part.


if they dont know who pac is they dont deserve to have any sort of explanation


I love how you use the word “they”, to describe people who are waiting for D2R, this outs you as a troll, as you clearly, by your own definition, do not see yourself as part of that group.

Listen, D2R is not going to be delayed, this is something you just have to accept, at some point.


Oh come on, you are just projecting now. I will keep you in mind though, because when I am happily playing beta and having fun with D2R, you will be sulking because a game was NOT delayed… Get your head around that!

You will be angry when this game does NOT get delayed, just imagine how backwards this is man.

He is trolling. He knows people on the forums are looking forward to the Beta and the game. So, he posts false information to try to rain on the parade so to speak. For lulz I guess.


Yes I think you are right MissCheetah. Hope you are having a nice day? Sorry for the other day.


Nothing is delayed. Beta is still in August. We will have more news soon :slight_smile: