Not Playing This "Game"

I do not understand. If I say that I will do something in August. It means by August 31. To assume that it is a bait and switch is simply inaccurate, especially when it is August 5. Moreover, the comment about soon and not been delayed means exactly that presumably.

Blizzard had a date for the beta in August and they apparently still plan on meeting that deadline.


You have the right to do whatever you want with your own money. This seems like an extreme response if that is your “deal-breaker”.


We’re only 5 days into the month. I understand the frustration (I’m checking the forums every day too for news so I can block out a weekend to play the Beta), but I don’t think this type of behavior is constructive given everything else that’s been happening. That said, it’s your money, so it’s completely your choice; if people really think refunding would send a message, power to them, I just don’t know if the message would be received in the way it’s intended.


When we get home, I’ll give you a cookie before dinner.

Gets in the door after school.

Where’s my cookie!? When do I get my cookie!? I want it now!!



You‘re not the boss of blizzard though… so they don’t have to narrow it down.

Really ignorant post imo. Blizzard doesn’t have to tell you anything about the game. They could release the game without telling anybody anything beforehand. How the hell do you think, that they have any obligations towards you?


Given they have advertised pre order gets early beta access they do have an obligation to give us early beta sometime in august whether it be next week or the week after. Hell it could even be a the 31’st and they still meet that obligation.

The frustration is the lack of communication on Blizzards end with only using “soon” as a time frame. They could say the beta is not ready yet, we are working really hard on it, we will give you an update next week on the status of when it would be ready, that way people know they have at least a week before they even hear news about when it it will start.


PezRadar did give two updates. The first was that the beta was not delayed and was on track for its August release date. An announcement of that date was coming soon.

Delayed 2: Resurrected - Diablo II: Resurrected / General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums (

The second update was that the beta would span two weekends.

Diablo II Resurrected Beta Question/Blizzard Support - Diablo II: Resurrected / General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums


There are 4 weekends in August.

7th and 8th

14th and 15th

21st and 22nd

28th and 29th

Given that they said the closed beta will be in August, it could start on any of these days.
The hope is that they will put the open beta on a weekend in August as well, at least one week after the closed beta. This would “suggest” the closed beta being the weekend of the 21st and 22nd at the latest.

Or the weekend of the 7th and 8th, at the earliest.

But it could be any weekend throughout the month of August.


I would label Blizzards communication thus far as concise.

If they haven’t given any news in a while, chances are the reason is they aren’t quite ready to announce something new yet. If they were to give daily updates, we’d be seeing repeating announcements of “still working on it…” which would get monotonous. The CMs have enough on their plate as it is I’m betting. Let them do their job.


for like the second time on this forum I am agreeing with MicroRNA here. Guys Relax. Geez.

Why people thought In August meant First day of August I dont understand.

Everyone is waiting for the beta, but sheesh be reasonable and stop acting like baabuus. Please.


Diablo just told me Hell is getting a bit cold. :joy:


You bought a game, not a beta test and that game release date is sempember 23th. Do you need more accuracy?

Good bye.


Good. Peace out, we don’t need 8 year olds with attitude in this game. Go play Fortnite, seems to be more suiting for you.


Lol, I forget how elite we d2 fans are sometimes


Amen brother! I’m getting sick of the elitist attitudes

Greetings kiddy… We will not miss you :wave:

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Micro linked the two very recent posts we have from Blizzard on Beta information. It is not delayed, will be this month during August, and will span two weekends.

Remember that you keep nothing from Beta, so an early start is not an advantage. It is for testing on server stability and group play.

A threat won’t change the date of the Beta nor will it make them announce it before they are ready. You should certainly do exactly as you wish with your money though.

However, if you need the information, here is the link to a direct refund for D2R. It is not a released game so the self help functions in the ticket system should allow you to initiate your own refund. Funds are returned to your account in a timeline based on your bank’s refund policy.

D2R REFUND → Contact Support - Blizzard Support


Weekends? No! I dont want weekends, I go to the cottage on the weekend all summer and work from home during the week, I demand Blizzard accommodate my selfish need based on the fact that I clicked the post button…


The mods dont get enough for having to deal with the amount of these posts we have seen, and will likely see until the game is out


i hope these type of people
get there refund
and not come back

such much whine


Sure, but they could also not do that and that would also be fine and I would expect people not to cry in forums, since Blizzard has not to do all these things.

If they announce betas, games or events, they do it for advertisement, not for the pleasure of fans, or for them to have enough time on release dates. It is just super weird to me, to complain in forums about „blizzard doesn’t tell me, when the beta comes out“ and pretend to refund because of completely normal things.

And there are more threads like this, I saw at least 4…

Nobody baited you. They are not doing beta so you can play and be happy. They are doing beta to “beta test the game” if everything is ok when they are ready. People should realize that.