Going mad about the beta date? Step on

Ok guys, I know the announcement said “August” and we’re just begginin the month, but I’d hope a word from Blizzard that makes me believe that everything is going on as planned with the game and not getting delayed because of the legal issues.

In the while, I’d like to know how are you killing the time. In my case, I’m remembering the builds, the key missions and everything I knew so well 18 years ago (oh my…)

At this time I can play with my brother, who had only 7 years by then… So my mom made me carry him in the game… hard days

It is not delayed. See the post from PezRadar

Delayed 2: Resurrected - Diablo II: Resurrected / General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums (blizzard.com)


Are you kidding me?

This game requires adulthood

Why doesn’t he read?

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I have been realizing all my builds are crap since I quit playing before 1.10.

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It’s August 3rd.

I’m reminded of my kids impatience…

Long drive to vacation location… 5 minutes after we get in the car on the 600 mile drive, “Are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” (repeat 120386752358123 times)
They ask me about doing something, I say later on today. They ask me about it 5-10 minutes later.

Patience, the beta and the game are coming. :stuck_out_tongue:

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4th August here! Yay for the UK!

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Oh, excuse mr. grown up. It’s a forum of a GAME, take your adulthood where you better wish but don’t try to through it at my face cos you don’t know me at all,

best regards :wink:

“ADULTHOOD”?? It’s a program on a computer where little pixels on a screen simulate supernatural monsters that you “kill” until you are powerful enough to kill more of them, ad infinitum.
What exactly in this activity do you think requires “adulthood”?
Show your work.

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technically the part where diablo 2 requires an “adult” or “near adult” to buy it. It is rated M in the us and 16+ in EU after all. Did i show enough work? Also fun fact defending someone for asking a question that can be answered by looking at the blue tracker as it is the only post in almost a month is not super helpful. though the poster you are responding to did post in a much snarkier way than is needed.

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Oh - I thought you meant intellectual, conceptual adulthood. You meant technical legal adulthood.
I apologize for the misunderstanding.

it will be on 19 August

Thanks for the heads up!

I am kind of disappointed to be honest if this is indeed the case…

I already have my 2 weeks of vacation put in starting after I get off work on Sept 25th and not going back until Oct 11th…gonna be good times.

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Diablo Immortal just got delayed to 2022.

What does that mean for D2R? I dont know.

Does it have something to do with the ongoing unnecessary drama? Maybe?

would love to see any kind of backing info for a fact you seemingly just made up out of nowhere.

it got delayed because the alpha for DI made them realize they need to add a lot more changes to the game based on the blog post which likely has nothing to do with the current drama and based on this post it means nothing for d2r


It probably got delayed because their up and coming releases are treacherous.

Overwatch 2 - PVE mode and new maps, could easily flop. The problematic core for OW remains for those who no longer play it.

Diablo 4 - What came before this? Diablo 3. It may be successful, but the reception will be cautious and skeptical, as opposed to the reaction and reception of D3 in the wake of D2.

Diablo Immortal - limitless monetary potential overseas, I don’t see it ever overtaking Raid Shadow Legends here in the states, so they need to get it right, and they know this.

WoW Expansions - this game killed itself, it’s on the way out. As Asmongold and Bellular discussed, they’d probably be better off releasing a WoW 2. This is an opinion I share after 15+ years of WoW paying myself.

ooooh boy, you will go nuts if the servers are fully lagging all day, items will dissapear, quests will not update :sweat_smile:
Releasweeks are often unplayable

nvm, ill have a week vacation two dasys after release too - lets hope for the best

Playing a bit of original D2 :slight_smile:

I’m also doing that. Since I’ve known about D2R I just lost the interest by other games I was playing as Overwatch and LoL.

I bet a beer with a friend that the beta will be released this weekend so I’m paying off it today hahaha

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我觉得我明白你要说什么。。You’re basically saying that the game has a mature rating, and you expect the original poster to be able to read since that is a skill he should have if he is old enough to play this game, right?