Scandals will somehow affect the Diablo 2 release date?

The scandal will somehow affect the Diablo 2 release date?

I am extremely upset by all the hype surrounding the company and want to believe that all this will not affect the guys who are engaged in the release of the remaster. I planned a vacation and “seduced” a couple of girlfriends into playing this game the first weekend after the release. Please give me feedback on this. Let’s be honest, it’s better to prepare for the worst than to plan and lose an evening.

The preamble is real, lol.

No, the nonsense happening at Activision Blizzard is not affecting Vicarious Vision’s efforts with D2R.

You should stick to driving Roland crazy, Jack. He’s the real enemy.


nah pumpkin i have no enemy! I’m the good guy who traditionally defeats the bad guys on Pandora

Yeah, Community Lead PezRadar confirmed there is no delay on D2R. The investor meeting held on the 3rd also confirmed via the senior executives to the stockholders, there is no delay on D2R. It will release on Sept 23, 2021.

(Baring acts of god like a meteor or something).


Noooo MissCheetah! Self-fulfilling prophecies are evil!

I almost said lightning, fires, floods. Then realized that might actually happen. I went with the least likely one!

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Haha, indeed, they’re definitely a higher probability… We’re kind of up in smoke and flames, literally - here on the West Coast…

Stay safe please!!! I don’t envy the West Coast folks during fire season. Scary.


Where do you get this stuff from? Like what makes you believe, that this is even likely?

There was a game press article that got it wrong. It said D2R was delayed when it was D:I that is delayed.

That accounts for some of it.

The rest of it before the investor meeting was just people making wild guesses, some of it based off the Blizz staff protests (one day). There were rumors the WoW team had stopped work, etc. Not sure that is even true, but some people took it a step farther and tried to pretend it applied to Diablo too.

I mean, “it is just a question” can be code for asking a question that has no basis in order to raise suspicions.

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Every area and or local has their own version of a hazard or disaster likely to happen Earthquakes,Tornados,Hurricanes,Tidal Waves,Forest/Brush Fires,Sinkholes,Flash Floods Each scary in it’s own way and for different reasons and then there’s always the animal hazards…

Ah I see… this actually explains the concerns though. I was surprised how many people speculate about it in here, even though there was no evidence for it, I knew about.

drops from the sky and smashes into Blizz HQ


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