Delayed 2: Resurrected

seems pretty clear they are going to delay the alpha and release date of d2res because of the recent alleged accusations. hope its not too long but wouldnt be surprised if we dont see this game until next year


Highly doubtful, there is no need for it, it’s a different team working on it and they have gone public with the release date.


No, that does not seem clear at all. There has been no mention of a delay.

Vicarious Visions in NY is working on most of the game. They are not involved or implicated in the Blizzard stuff. Further, most of it does not involve the Diablo team. WoW team seems pretty heavily involved though.

Most of the work is done. Open Beta is already announced. The game release date is already announced.

I am not expecting any delays on D2R. IF they do, they will announce it, but so far there is absolutely no indication there will be a delay.


But for the Beta there is no Date announced or did is missed something?

blizzard owns the rights to the game not vv plus they are no longer vv doesnt matter where they are located blizz controls the market releases announcement is on its way my uncle works for blizzard
who are you and why are you an mvp are you like a moderator or somthing


Ask your uncle what mvps are and if they are mods :slight_smile:


I mean, do you WANT the game to be delayed OP? You seem eager for it to be delayed.

Also, could you explain your reasoning to me as to why it will be delayed? One other guy said he thinks it will be delayed by two weeks due to all the allegations against blizz staff. Well, why two weeks? Will everything suddenly disappear in two weeks? So the allegations will still be there in 13 days but at the 14 day mark they suddenly disappear?

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No, they have not announced a date for Open Beta other than “August”.

Of course they do.

They are, but they are now under the Blizzard umbrella.

Of course they do. They announced Open Beta will be in August sometime with pre-orders getting in a few days early.

Game Release date is Sept 23, 2021.

Old meme is old but funny! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Scroll down to D2R, recent update version July 29th on all fronts except the tech alpha build. Blizzard is still working. It is not August yet. Maybe we were not meant for a blog this week, and it was just coincidence that the two blogs we had, were exactly a week apart. They did state in the first blog, a more detailed one on accessibility to come, which was the second blog.


I think at most it would be expected that there would a period of social media silence from blizzard. game development directly impacted by the investigation would be the most likely candidates for a delay of some sort, but the D2R team is very much removed from the situation it seems. So D2R should be on schedule still, unless Blizzard as a whole wants to sideline things for a little bit.


at the end of the day its still blizzard they’ll do what they think will make the most profits, they dont care about any promise they may have made. with the necro being incomplete it creates a giant target on their back if the game lags uncontrollably and they cant deliver the game as intended because they couldnt invest enough time and resources, blizz doesnt want anymore bad press its not a bad thing if they delay it to polish it up better but the chances are growing daily.

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Delaying a game that they have publicly announced a release date for would create bad press.

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Last time i checked the alpha was already over. So how could it be possibly delayed?

Why would that be? Did the necros create lags in the hacked alpha?
Or because the necro lagged 20 years ago with 20 year old computers and 20 year old internet?

The game engine is still the same, they just added another layer for the visualization. So yeah, if the necro in its old state will still lag on the current internet and up-to-date servers, then they might have a problem there. But then again, people asked for a “pure remaster”, so in a sense, it would be what they asked for.

Also, why are you changing the lane now? First you say they delay it because of the controversity, now its because of the necro. Are you just pulling your reasons out of a hat?

You mean bad press as in “breaking their word on one of their most prominent releases”?

And it is Machiavelli. Machiavelli!


OP’s parents: “son, I know you really wanted this new Diablos but we lost your college fund on the horses last night. How about we all play roblox together, we know how much you love that game…right?”

I am very proud of myself right now.

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lol yall are so clueless


Let me introduce you to these people called Investors, who will become very upset with having spent money on advertisement and funding and the allocation therein, should Blizzard be like “aight fam, I’m pulling this launch date for the beta and release because I think it’ll fair better down the road because of a crime within the parent company that doesn’t affect the subsidiary that is working on the product”


The only reasons that would result in delay for this game would be due to technical issues (which they should have mostly ironed out enough to call their date), or if they have been mandated to remove toxic elements from the game as WoW is doing now (recent removal of controversial npcs and removal of the /spit emote). Since D2 was made by Blizzard North and had only been touched by the remnants of that dev team and/or the classic games team, the only two elements that would fall under possible review would be personal loot and open hostility (PKing). I don’t think that is going to happen, but if we hear no other news on Beta by week 2 of August, that might be a possibility.

So let me summarize.

You confuse alpha and beta.

You think a delay of a beta will fix a legal lawsuit.

And you cant spell your own name.

But yeah, we are clueless. Clearly.


I see no reason why this game would be delayed. If anything it’s the one game that will be guaranteed to be released on time to get passed all the mess they’re in.

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Who is this simple troll, and where did he find this crackpot theory? HINT: he found it in the bottom of a toilet.