And with these fateful words, our destiny is sealed (no date


Community Manager

“Nothing is delayed. Beta is still in August. We will have more news soon :slight_smile:

A dark wanderer has been seen traveling east!


I just hope “soon” is indeed soon.


Set your hopes on tuesday but dont get mad again, if it takes longer.
You will get to play the game and we all are eager to, still after waiting for 20 years, you will survive another 29 days (maximum waittime if beta starts on last day of august).

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im waiting :star_struck: and will enjoy the beta now in august and the full game in september :joy:

Note that this is “soon” and not “soon™” as they have lovingly adopted for historically long drawn out projects. Assuming this is not an oversight I think we can expect the news inside a week.


If they stick to the pattern of releasing news on tuesdays, then we might get info on the beta sometime today

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I’m waiting for Makaveli to show his face now lol, he been real quiet.

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I really hope the dark wanderer doesn’t take his sweet time…

maybe he got a temp forum ban ? :rofl:


That is exactly my guess.