August 2nd and still no beta info?

hehe They said Early August Beta Access :rofl: :rofl: that should mean by the first 2 weeks ?

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They usually give info on Tuesday if they have any to give.


You added the word “early”, they never said any such thing, they said beta access in august.

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ya i had to go double check, all it says is THIS AUGUST. they were liberal with it for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: cuz even they don’t know yet.

Players who preorder the game will also gain early access to the open beta test taking place in August on supporting platforms.

The only mention of anything “Early”, and that’s in regards to Early Access, not Early August.


So many people took “beta in August” to literally mean “12:01am August 1”


There is no follow up to the “beta in August” and that makes people angry. If there was any info like “we’re still not ready this week” or something this wouldn’t be an issue.


LOL you gosh darn right i was up at 1201, EST, CST and PST with a pot of coffee ready to brew in case it available, yes i know its not the real thing yet, but i was ready to play. I will admit im one of the people who thought it was gonna drop at 1201am, Aug 1st.

PezRadar replied in another thread. The beta has not been delayed and is still on track for its August release. When PezRadar says “soon” in relation to an announcement, it tends to be 2-7 days and not Blizzard “soon”.


There will be a follow-up in august.


Oh boy, I bet you feel pretty silly now that the devs have confirmed that nothing is delayed.

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Hmm… I read somewhere that pre-orders give you beta access “one month” before release. Since the release date is September 23, I take it that 1 month before that would be August 23. So yep, end of August confirmed!

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Relax man it will be here soon :tm:

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Unless it is directly from Blizzard you are just as likely to get accurate info from the cashier at 7-11.

They have said “August” multiple times now, and have given no other indication as to when in August.

Gold, well played XD.

Latest news:

After the recent events in the Blizzard environment, some Diablo fans fear that the beta and the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected could be postponed. Now the developers have commented on it.

In the course of the Summer Game Fest in June, the Blizzard developers had actually already confirmed it: The alpha tests of Diablo 2: Resurrected went so well that one would like to stick to the planned release date: The new edition of the ARPG classic should be on To appear on September 23, 2021. We also learned that an open beta phase is planned for August.

August was getting closer and closer, however, with no further details on the beta. Instead, reports of an indictment that shook the entire Blizzard environment suddenly made the rounds. There is talk of misogyny, discrimination, sexual harassment and even suicide. We kept you up to date on everything that happened in the course of the indictment and afterwards on buffed.

After this scandal, some Diablo fans feared (via the official forum) that the beta or even the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected could be postponed. Is that why there are still no exact details about the beta test? A few hours ago, Community Manager PezRadar joined the discussion: “There are no postponements. The beta will continue to start in August. We will have more news for you shortly.”


You are aware that the source for this news is a blue-post on this very board, right?

And it was already linked above:


It would still be nice to have a response from blizzard in August as to their August plans, lol. I hate that companies keep their consumers in the dark so much instead of just releasing statements regarding our concerns to calm us.

Was hoping for another blog today with beta details, but I don’t see it happening now. They released one for Diablo Immortal like 45 minutes ago, so I would think D2R’s would have come out around the same time.

I was surprised to even see that. There is a financial call in a couple of hours, so maybe some news there or after.

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