Why is not game lobby still fixed?

I dont get it, why is not fix to lobby implemented in 2.4 so we can see games outside of out local range? PTR ladder 2.4 path has this change.


Please address this. This is huge.


Very aggravating…

Focus on these core issues or you can kiss any chance of longevity, online, goodbye.


I’m going to guess that the PTR is set up like a global “master” server, so you can see all of the games. However, the implementation from that over to “regional” servers led to some hiccups if I recall from one of their earlier posts.

All of your saving is done on a regional server first, which is why I believe to this day you can only see the regional games. You’re not allowed to play on servers you would be incapable of saving updated character data. This just makes sense but is no less frustrating.

To see all of the games, the regional servers would have to populate a list one tier above themselves, then you’d access that, join a game possibly not in your region then save and exit. The crux is when you save and exit, since the game technically may not be in your region where will your character update be saved? Originally this was the master server or global database, and we already saw what a crap storm that was at launch, it was summarily overtaxed, swamped and crashed resulting in repeated roll backs.

My guess is they have yet to fully flesh out how to implement a master server that can display all games from all regions and simultaneously figure out what regional server your character should be updated too upon exiting. This would require that whatever regional server you were playing on transmit the saved character data to the regional server you are geographically stapled too, but this requires significantly more traffic between the servers than just sending it all to one master server.

I imagine they had to write some code, and the last thing they want to do is have your character updates be in conflict due to server desynch or lock you out of joining more games while the regional servers communicate as to what incarnation of your character is the most recent.

They had to write some new code I think.
Just a guess.

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This is one issue I really hope they comment on to let us know the status.

What gets me is that in regular D2 I never noticed this problem. I mean maybe just every game was a bot game, and there aren’t as many public bot games here, so it was not apparent. Who knows.

But I would never see a game list with just three games on it. Or no games at all.


Its most likely because they are not cable of doing it. we have been playing a payed beta for 6 months.


I am not asking to see all regions even when it would be nice thing to have it as feature. But currently you only see like 1/10 of games in your own region. maybe even 1/20.

It was fixed on PTR 2.4 season patch but its not here for unknown reason.

It ha snothing to do with saving database btw.

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I distinctly remember an elongated blue post discussing the issues with the master server being overtaxed with updated character information. If you’re saying, why can’t we see all games in our region yet, I don’t have a theory, seems rather moot.

I want to know why I can’t see all games across the entire conglomerate of regional servers for North America or “The Americas”. That’s really the only thing I’m interested in, because when they solve that, it’ll be worth hearing about.

Because it would not make any sense to see all those games together. Imagine the mess with all different languages. I mean games from different parts of world together.

Let me rephrase…

I’m in the US, Southeast region, I can imagine I’m not seeing games from the Northwest. Assuming we’re all speaking English, I’m only really interested in seeing a solution where I can see games from every regional server in every corner of the country. Does that make sense? I don’t really care if they figure out a way for me to see 10 more stale games locked in Southeast United States.


Again, its not anyhow related to issue you talk about.

It was already fixed on PTR season after people were complaining about not seeing any game. For two days I didnt see single game on HC PTR season( I saw one on one ocasion :slight_smile: ), then they fixed it and I could see 20 games. just no normal.


We’ll know if they fixed the lobby soon enough I guess. Fingers crossed.

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Soon enough when, i just tried, its not fixed. This absolutly has to be fixed for season :frowning:

Actually, it is implented, I just joined a classic game with 200 ping with a player from Singapore.

Do some more tests, I’m 99% sure they implented it.

Great job devs!

I dont think so, i saw only like 7 games on hardcore. No way its implemented.

I dont belive there is just 7 public hc games in europe.

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How many games are usually on at this time in Europe? I think you’ll definitely see more very soon.

Pretty much same amount.

We will see tomorrow.

This is one of those things where even if the problem is not fixed, a commentary from blizzard on the situation would go a long way

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There are numerous game sites for each regions where these games populate. Players see their top game sites and those games from there. It will be expanded maybe later but for now it is working as intended which is the same as PTR which is an improvement over 2.3 and prior.

We still have a low population right now on servers so game lists feel a bit more empty. As regions hit primetime, we will monitor but for now, everything is looking fine and as expected


This is the same as the PTR fix? That is good news. Thanks. Insight into this issue is so so appreciated.

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