Public Test Realm is dead

A very good point… Perhaps random TZ areas per account would be a good way to eliminate the possibility of a server load surge. :thinking: And of course no website would be able to predict this, keeping it truly random for everyone. Which zone would be dependent on who starts the game, which it already is when it comes to character level…

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I am primarily interested in there being;

  • new items
  • existing item improvements ( balancing with grief, etc )
  • skill changes ( such as combining barbarian melee weapon masteries into one, and adding weapons block mastery for dual wield and two-hander users )

I do not have available slots for new characters ( that I would like to make), so a better leveling experience ( very much needed and welcomed ) isn’t very exciting to me.


Well it’s understandable

There is nothing to test

No QoL

No Unique rework

No skill balance

And the content in it is half baked

Terror zone doesn’t even need to be tested to know it’s missing plenty of features

Just because it’s missing the plethora of ideas that you have doesn’t mean it’s missing features. It’s a feature in itself.

People have no interest because prepared characters werent great and also there is nothing for playing on PTR.

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Imagine if only there was terror zone player agency like this

Even with boring build selection people would still try to push the mechanic

I hate to say this, but I tend to agree that Terror Zones are very underwhelming, and feel after a few hours of testing, I’ve seen it all. If this is the extent of the changes for 2.5, it will be very disappointing.


I mean there is nothing for a player. You wont get anything from ptr.

Prepared characters are not good. They all have same names so its hell to group up and comunicate…

I am really losing hope that blizz can do something good with this game.

Just the fact that we have still only 20 char slots is laughable. We dont need terror zones. This game has issues which should be focused instead.


Would be a blast if they would add more character slots. 20 char slots is not enough for ladder, non ladder, hardcore and mule chars.


A lot of us aren’t bothering to extensively test something so minimal. Bring on season 2.

I tested it. Seems to work.

Now drop it on Non-Ladder so I can farm it for real!

I’ll sit in a PTR game or two with ya and go AFK.
Might organize a group later to run a few P8 on PTR, but thats so I can test other things. You’ll be able to have full control of whatever zone is active tho.

So… is it simply unknown at the start of the hour? Everyone needs to play a faster-cast-rate sorceress to zip through and find “this hour’s” zone?

That seems… even worse than I first imagined.

Shouldn’t be too big of an issue if the inflated monster levels are based off of a lower level character needing the rush…

More importantly: it can be turned off upon game creation. But this is the responsibility of the rushed person… :thinking:

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No, as soon as the hour hits, you get a pop up, in game telling you what zone. You have no idea what zone until that message.

I would like to know ahead of time.

At this point they should just focus on a modding tool and curate some epic Mods to be playable on a Bnet realm

Basements devs work harder and better than blizzard army of devs

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At that point it’d probably just be better and easier to restore TCP/IP. Doubt that’ll ever happen though, at least not anytime soon. :cry:

Maybe when D4 is out and D2R is in maintenance mode but probably not.


it is, wee need next ladder, ppl check what they need and no one play ptr anymore

They should just take a look at the forums and see what people are actually complaining about and just fix that. They’re are adding things no one asked for, of course there’s not much hype. They are fixing non existing problems while ignoring the problems people actually invested in.


I don’t need to test terror zones for 2 weeks

I played about 12 hours of terror zones

I know my Opinion on it
I submitted it to them
I won’t log back into it unless they add
More to it

It’s dead
Because the people who actually test it
Are done testing it.

It is probably still up because some people go on summer vacation and get out of the house because they have lives outside of D2 so they can still get a chance to try it when they get back.

It’s summer.

They might be adding some hero changes to it as well.

So just relax and be patient, last PTR was up for a while too

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