Terror zones Reset

I never said I wanted a second zone either

You’re making stuff up

1 zone at a time

It will operate as normal where a new one spawns every x minutes


If you clear it before the timer a new one pops up


Follow the bouncing ball

Hopefully you now understand

i dont think you know what you are even asking.

if X is the current TZ, are you asking for X to respawn or to have new zone Y become a TZ

in case 1, that is easier to just make a new game

in case 2, that is a significant mechanic change and would actually make farming slower than farming the same zone for an hour in the long run

hopefully you can see why. you seem to want to explain your request 20 times rather than respond to the critique so you either dont understand the critique or you dont have a counter

edit: im not sure you know how TZs work, it isnt about new ones popping every X minutes, its about which one will be active for new games in a given hour, no one takes an hour to clear a zone.

Unless you have a logical reason against the suggestion other than a drama generating “just create a new game” reply, then maybe you should have not posted a reply at all. There’s nothing wrong with suggesting ideas to possibly improve upon the Terror Zone mechanic.

I’m sure people creating game after game after game after game does put a bit more load on the servers versus someone just playing through multiple Terror Zones in the same game. It would also streamline the play for multiple players in the same game running Terror Zones together, instead of “ng##/password” after the current Terror Zone is repeatedly cleared. Eventually the monsters in areas would be exhausted and people would need to create a new game anyway.

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I get exactly what you mean. No clue where slpry is pulling his argument from lmao.

Here’s a suggestion for that. Terror zones spawn every hour, right? Would be neat if the time got reduced for every monster you killed in the TZ. You wouldn’t have to wait AS LONG, but you wouldn’t be able to just farm TZ’s back to back, keeping it fair.

i did give a logical one, but you both cant read apparently. having a new TZ pop up within the same game (that is a different zone) is not a QoL change, it is a major functionality change.

as currently designed EVERYONE will be playing the same TZ at the same time which is not an accident. having new zones pop up within the same game is a major change and will likely not be ideal for the majority of builds anyway where you will theoretically choose your char for a given hour (or not play) based on the current zone. This is both a major change and NOT the big improvement people think it is

i keep trying to make my point but you are all so pigeon holed like everyone on this forum when they get their super awesome idea that is must be the best thing ever. not sure how no one gets my argument - you can disagree or maybe be the first one to try and counter even but to not understand my point is mindblowing

Your point is that the idea behind this is illogical because the change would have to vary by individual games instead of the entirety of the server getting zones at the same time.

Our point is that “this would be a neat idea. Probably won’t happen, but it would make a nice QoL”

You’re missing the whole point of “what-ifs” and focusing more on the “never gonna happen because”

Anyone can have an idea. And you never know, if it gains lots of traction, people find a way to make that idea a reality. Shame on you for dumping on peoples ideas just because the system may not be in place for it. That doesn’t mean that they can’t make fun suggestions

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no im really not, im explaining how it isnt a QoL but a major mechanic change and one that
A) goes against the spirit of TZ design
B) adds even MORE RNG to the game
C) will actually decrease farming efficiency (so not a QoL improvement either)

now you could either argue against my points or not, but rather miss MY whole point and continue to ignore the arguments just like the other posters. so common for this forum

yes anyone can have an idea, just like i can have a counter idea or a critique, no one needs a gold star for posting about an “idea” for the 12th time. there was no need for a new thread in the first place and guess what some ideas arent good. if the idea is good then it can stand up to scrutiny and defend itself. shame on you for thinking all ideas should be welcomed without using one’s brain.

But what would happen to other games? Which zone would be started if you create a new game? Could I just clear zones till I get one I prefer and endless farm it? What happens after 1 hour of clearing different tz when the global counter changes zone?

Your half baked idea creates just a lot problems and isn’t the qol you think it is.

But most ideas here could use a little thought before typing

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You call this a ‘critique’?

How about instead stating your argument in a more constructive way so you don’t come out looking like you are belittling people for posting an idea. Sure, some ideas are bad, some are just ridiculous and silly, but you didn’t even ‘critique’ or try to get your point across until you barreled out like a jerk. It’s not like he was trolling. He was just tossing out a suggestion to farm TZ’s faster

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i have multiple critiques in this thread, you chose to ignore them. why?

this is like the 10+th thread like this with both a poorly thought out idea and adds nothing new over the others. it 100% deserves more hate quite frankly.

Other games wouldn’t matter, as it would have to work on a per-game basis, simply because the hour timers would drift off of the on-the-top-of-the-hour timeframe.

If you restart the game, then you’ll start with the current Terror Zone with the current on-the-hour timeframe the server has selected… Which means you’d have the option of rerunning the current hourly Terror Zone, or rolling through the next random Terror Zones that come after the current one is cleared.

The “next” Terror Zone that comes after a clear of the current TZ would be completely random, so no.

Lets say you are on the first random Terror Zone change after clearing the current active server Terror Zone, the top of the hour comes, your game would not be affected and the current Terror Zone would continue to run its course for the remainder of its hour time frame or until you meet the requirements for another random TZ to come. Again, it would be on a per-game basis. However, if you restart the game, then the Terror Zone would be set to the one the servers have selected along with the current on-the-hour timeframe that is set.

Not sure where you got the endless farming one zone idea from, but no. I suggested that at the start of game creation, there would be a randomized timer from… say 30 minutes to an hour until a random TZ appears. If you don’t go near it, another would spawn in an hour and the previous would be gone. Clearing the TZ would reduce the spawn time of the next. I’m not claiming to have knowledge of coding for these things to happen, nor am I asking if you do. I’m just throwing out an idea based on what the original poster suggested.

I’m basing this idea off of making the TZs individual game oriented than server-wide

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I’ve acknowledged your argument for why these ideas would not be able to happen. I don’t respect your attitude towards conveying your critiques. But whatever, right? It’s not like the suggestions will happen. It’s just all “what-ifs” in fun


so your argument against me is not my arguments but that im not nice enough for you. good lord, if you thought my posts were a waste of time, what do you think ignoring the arguments and crying that it wasnt nice enough is?

There’s me saying that I understood your point of view. Terror zones happen at the top of every hour across the servers. Just jump to another game where the same zone is getting terrorized.

My suggestion was just making it based on created game time from the start f the game creation.

and you then said this which showed you dont understand my point at all. this isnt a QoL, im dont rate ideas based on if i think blizz will do them, i rate them on their own merit, which this has none. then seemed to think every idea deserves credit simply for being an idea, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Already said it I my topic and countless other topics

Terror zone needs a player impact on how they are generated

There could be an hourly terror zone but full clearing or killing the boss of that terror zone moves the terror to a random other zone in the game you are, this repeatable eternam

Or on top of the hourly terror zone, there is a server counter where it counts the terror boss kills and when the counter reaches a certain number another zone is terrorized for the next hour. Giving a community driven impact on terror zones generation and giving multiple terror zone at once

Different players have different playstyles.

Starting a new game to play the same TZ over and over is fine. But also allowing those of us who like to play longer in games to play through all the Terror Zones in one game is also fine. It’s easy to allow both so why not?

ive explained why. this is not what the intent is. having some players playing different TZs will add even more rng that will benefit sometimes and hurt others. there is something appealing about every player having the same zone options as everyone else. i would argue no coding changes have been easy but thats not that relevant.