45lifers and 451 scs and T-zones - Feedback

The extra exp is not that good in TZ that people seem to believe, the grind will still be extreme.

I don’t like Terror Zones to be the new ultimate MF areas.


You can still do other area 85 areas, will still be as good for MF.

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maybe early ladder but after ur geared up its all terrorzones
there is so much more to gain with the added xp, chance for 45ers, 451s and the highest thrasher class
no need to coop either
just load 8 instances and have 7 afk in town for more drops/xp
coop will be dead and so will be any other aspect of the game pvm wise

they are about to kill pvm just like they killed pvp

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Ah yes, every player have 8 accounts when playing.

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So basically almost the same thing as my original suggestion which they copied poorly

  • all zones are 85
  • buff to monsters is done like playercount mechanic
  • shrine all behave like monster shrines when there is a monster nearby, like an evil urn when there isn’t one
  • area has a boss

Tho I strongly disagree with Mf buff

Pcount no-loot is enough

I am honestly surprised at the number of threads like these with people complaining about Terror Zones. People talked about for years that’s there’s very little endgame content, and how the current grind to 99 is broken and needs to be fixed.

People have been grinding Baal runs for over a decade now. It’s old and something new is absolutely needed. And yet people come on these forums and complain that Blizzard is giving additional content, despite the fact that this content can be disabled by the user and they can continue to do Baal runs like they have for the last 10 years.

It doesn’t make any sense. Blizzard is doing the right thing here. Anyone who disagrees is objectively wrong.


Well currently they are almost impossible to find. And for what? they are not even that good. So i dont see any issue with terror zones to have actualy some chance to drop them.


people still killing demons
drop rates still the same

no, drop rates should stay the same
drop tables are open to changes and always were

buff solo split farm even more?
no ty

There will always be those that are resistant to change, which is understandable…


I’m very much open to the idea of a change in scenery getting to 99 than running Chaos/Nihlathak/Baal over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

Just to reach 99.

Who knows, maybe they’re doing a bit of tweaking to TZ’s XP gains to bring them more in line with Chaos/Nihlathak/Baaling.

As far as the items in question, the concern is understandable… But items shouldn’t be gated by doing the same monotonous runs over and over and over and over and… Oh you get the point.

Doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over shouldn’t be the “golden standard” measurement of endurance. Sorry.


if they do this

they will be betraying their own words

adding equivalent xp/h farm options to nihla, baal and CS definitely doesnt make the journey to 99 any more “accessible

i just hope they dont listen to the few elitist against it

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Oh, I know why there are at least a few against the idea… They don’t want the general population having a bit easier access to the items the bots are able to hoard up, so they can turn around and sell them online to those desperate enough in order to make a quick buck.

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90% agree. terror zones are too good atm but I think we don’t need to buff MF :slight_smile:

I made similar conclusions here:

idea is good but rewards are wrong


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: damn. you actually get the idea of this game. others please learn from him

on solo you can get more than naw doing high efficiency cbaal grind

This is so true. the fact that Treasure Class is scaling with game creators level is too good. and by the way why would anyone farm anything but terror zones now? no boss farming? We’re basically changing it from target farming specific areas to farm whatever is buffed atm.
We’re killing builds like cold/fire sorc, berserk barb to make java/light sorc/hammer even better.

This is 10000% true.

PvP will be buffed for a while. Free items and free levels for PvP gamers.

well you won’t experience multiplayuer if you don’t multibox. everyone will be selfish playing p1 zones.

this is not an end-game content. End-game would be new zone with new stuff. this is just an unnecessary buff that comes with no downside. And you got the point that you can disable this if you want - this is a reason why it should be much much harder, more immunities, big dmg and hp buffs, etc. We need more reasons to play together than just +50% exp per player in game or bit more items dropping. Blizzard should build synergies between classes instead of tweaking numbers. on synergies

that troll again lel.
drop chance is extremely buffed now. The fact that you can get some items from any white monster instead of just elite packs on any buffed zone is already like x5 drop rate buff. on some like cows/CS probably like x10 or x20 buff

I don’t think that people don’t want changes. It’s more about the scale.

I would also prefer to get 99s different way than now but I don’t want to get them in 20/30 or in worest scenario in 40-50 hours of organized gameplay. Again, me and others who don’t like what Blizzard has offered have issues with numbers not ideas.

dude 99 is not for solo gamers. please ALT+F4 and take your time to reconsider your believes

Nice description of Diablo 3 account market.

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you sound like you dont MF in this game at all

no one kills trash to get non tc87 items like andy visage
no one will kill trash to get tc87 items like dweb

trash has a different drop table, even with p8 and 98% chance to drop something, you have better odds hunting another boss

you spent so much time doing those 25k baal runs to get 5 chars to 99 that you forgot that the game is not just xp

you gonna make this personal?

it was before they changed it
so now its going to be for solo players too again


If there is a game that requires a minimum of 280 hours to reach the highest level WITH A TEAM HELPING YOU, there are people out there that will risk their well-being in order to do so… Just to be #1, or close to it.

There are people that have perished playing video games for too long without sleep.

I can understand a few days without sleep, I’ve done it myself. But nearly two weeks without sleep? That “goal” is extremely unhealthy, and not worth risking someone’s life for.

I know there are people out there that are fine with just a few hours of sleep. I need at least 5 hours to function normally.

it’s your choice. Would you apply same logic to any other form of competition?
Maybe let’s give everyone an University Degree after completing summer course?
some things in life take time and efford.
99 is an achievement in diablo 2. doesn’t serve any other purpose

And it still will be for a large number of players, it just won’t take as long to do so and won’t be as unhealthy to accomplish for those that pursue #1 on ladder.

If people really want that grueling grindy path to 99, they have two options: Avoid Terror Zones, or go play the original game.

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I got #2 Hardcore 99 and I slept 6-8hours a day. You don’t need to sacrifice your sleep for that.

Terror zones are not balanced and this is the problem. they ruin MFing, gambling, make regular gems useless outside crafting. EXP on zones can be higher but again not x10 of what you can get now.

The most impactfull result of Terror Zones will be that everyone will play solo. On split farms you used to pick a zone that you clear when others were doing different zones, with TZs everyone wants that one zone.

Excluding cows I think the extra exp was around ~1.5x in terror zones, after testing in the PTR.

I’ m talking about exp per kill. ofc we can’t compare exp/h of low density area with cows or CS. But reality is that everyone will be grinding zones when good zone comes and go chill mode after an hour of grinding. We did some testing on PTR and we got to 1.8mil exp per 1.5min game as foh pala that they gave us. all on p8 game. it would give us 72mil/h so 4ish hours to grind 98-99. on solo p8 you get 2.36x more exp than on 8man p8 so it wouldn’t make that big of a difference if you just had 8man team grinding zones when they come. 10hours instead of 4. not a biggie if you ask me
we have around 40 zones and you get density on cow and CS. it means that you can get 98-99 in 4-5hours playing 1hour a day. Keyword CAN, I know it requires setup and friends but it’s also not that much to ask if you think about it