Terror Zones failed

If the goal was greater diversity of content for leveling, Terror Zones have failed hard.

The optimal leveling strategy hasn’t changed. CS and Throne are still exponentially better experience through to the high 90s. Only in the last few levels do terror zones become relevant.

The total play time to 99 for Season 1 record was 138 hours. The total play time to 99 in Season 2 record was 122.5 hours. For comparison, the record to 99 in 1.09 was 39 hours.

Experience gains are still penalized for all party members that are 6+ levels below the zone level. This means anyone 2 levels or more below the game creator receives an experience penalty for all champion packs and only 1 level below creator to receive a penalty on unique monsters.

Prior to the 1.10 experience penalties past level 70, the grind to 99 could be accomplished within a couple of days. Having optimized runs still taking 120+ hours does not open up the grind to a larger number of people. The 138 hours and 122.5 hour records were collaborative efforts by a large community to push 1 streamer ahead of the pack. The Llama was virtually a whole level ahead of everyone else when he hit 99 this season which means the perceived delta between the two seasons could simply be attributed to efficiency… :rofl:


They are intended to peovide alot more than just level 99 gains…

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Literally from the patch notes:

Pray tell, what else do they provide? You can literally farm lvl 85 zones as soon as you enter Hell…

The sunder charm are arbitrarily associated with Hell Terror Zones.

Obviously it failed

They copied the skeleton of my concept idea… but we’re too lazy to also copy the flesh around the bones that I provided

Your ideas are generally bad. The developers are of similar caliber :eyes::rofl:


I haven’t been there for a whole month and when I come back you are still as toxic lol

Good riddance

by diversity it means more ways, not better ways
before you could only lvl up by the classical ways, listed in the patch notes, now you have TZs too

so this goal was in fact acomplished but this wasnt the only goal

this one was acomplished too
bc now you can lvl to 99 solo in bnet without taking 10 years


if you think they read even one word you wrote and factored that into anything they did you need serious help.


Too many TZs suck and are boring. There are a few really good and fun ones, but more often than not when the new hour rolls around and you see the Den of evil as the TZ it’s just disappointing and makes you want to log off for the next hour.


I agree, it’s how I feel about them too. Still in most cases it’s better to csbaal.

No it hasn’t, there is virtually no difference in level 99 ladder times between 2.4 and 2.5.

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great, it means that they acomplished the objective to offer more ways and not a new best way

also, missed the point

the key word is

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The irony is that Terror Zones aren’t even available in offline… :rofl:

So grats on being able to get from 98 to 99 at twice the speed of just CS runs if you roll the right terror zone?

Once ya have Enigma, or Sunder/Infinity on a Sorc, seal popping Diablo is still better XP than most Terror Zones :rofl:

Why would single player offline need TZ’s when they have players/X?
Choices… you get to make them, fact is TZ’s are better exp than non TZ’s… and I don’t recall the dev’s ever saying a new meta was being introduced, just an alternate path from the age old routine.
If people want to sit on the couch and pout that the OP TZ is not available right now then that is their choice… I found a Lo and an Ohm in the Cold Plains the other night… yep, I was shocked too… glad I was enjoying the game rather than in pout-y-poutsville.

EDIT - might have been Cathedral… cannot recall now… was act 1.


solo is not restricted to off line, i guess

Yet here you are… :rofl:

The same reason as you would elect TZ in public games?

This is blatantly false. TZ are better XP than the same zone not Terrorized. They are not better XP universally.

What part of “we want the journey to level 99 to be accessible to a larger population of players” is hard to comprehend? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

May I introduce you to the Pit or Mausoleum?

Ya, I can check the forum from time to time while at work… playing the game would be a bit much I think.

Agree’d, poorly worded on my part.

ummm, they were not TZ’d at the time… might I introduce you to the thread topic… that happens to be your thread.
K, I have adult stuff to do, take care.

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The goal is clearly defined in patch notes. Grats on arguing against your own strawman.

They drop every rune in the game regardless whether Terrorized or not :rofl::rofl::rofl:

i`m playing d2 from day 1 and you can not compare 1.09 because is not fresh you have no seasson back them , mean you have all item from classic and 1.08 , and i make top 6 in the first ladder season 1.10 to drop the ladder later on , knowing too fight , the vet bot(6 player botting the sleeping time ) back them player dont stream and have a lot of cheat , and this ladder run more of 4 day

you can not compare anything vs the old era , because he are very far of the same condition



the only strawman here is saying their objective was to make a new best way to lvl up and bashing them for not doing it