Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6—New Rune Words - Has Ended

Right, every new item should be Enigma or Fortitude with universal appeal. You may not like the idea of build specific items but they are as old as the franchise! D1 was more vague but obviously, you were not gonna equip your sorceror with heavy armor, same with top tier spells on warrior. D2 has always had a similar principle with class specific items.

Learn the game before nay saying.

Definitely a bunch of viable unique items would be nice. New endgame runewords; create some new runes with ilvl 80+ and two new runewords for every weapon, armor, and shield slot for these runes. Make them super rare for one season, like 1 in 1000 players might drop 1 every 100 runs in lvl 85+ zones, and include exp gain on these items to make the grind of 90-99 more enjoyable.

And make them account bound so these people who call for super rarity can’t sell them.

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I played with Mosaic a bit. But it doesn’t take long to see why it’s an annoying mechanic with Phoenix Strike (which people were already suggesting, but I wanted to see firsthand).

It does feel like this PTR is going to be too long for such little content to “test” unless they cut it mid-week and put out a new one with changes based on feedback next week.

looking at info for season 3: Blizzard, you have changed nothing, season 3 will look exactly like season 2… very disapointed

Thanks all for the feedback on PTR. Some pretty significant changes will be coming based off community feedback from the PTR to these new runewords. We expect to have final patch notes up sometime next week.

Likewise, we expect this patch to roll into season fairly quickly so wanted to give you all a heads up that we plan on the S3 start to occur on February 16 with S2 ending the same day.


Thanks Pez
Any chance at a currency tab or rune/gem stacking?


But for Odins sake! Please think about rune/gem stacking, and a slight buff to barbarian concentrate vs zeal/fury/jab melee setups. Ill leak the Epstien/Maxwell Client List for the baba buff!


I am afraid this will be repeating same mistake as season 2. Going live season with new untested stuff on PTR? If there is more changrs in 2.6, why not tests it again on PTR? There is still time to 16 february. That we we could avoid another situation like we had with sunder charms and errirs in treasureclassex.txt breaking drops of multiple bosses.

Also will andariel quest bug be fixed please? Its messing up her terror zone drop if you quest bugged her on first kill.


Can’t wait to see how they break the game with this patch so ladder can be ruined by exploits within 48 hours. Lets go boys.


I just wish I knew if sunders were staying or if it was just a temp ladder thing


i think that as long as TZ is a thing they will stay

Because there are only a handful of ways to reduce a monster’s immunity, only a minute portion of hero builds can successfully farm all zones in Diablo II: Resurrected. We realize that this can create scenarios where certain builds are unable to take full advantage of the current Terror Zone, thus missing out on the experience gains, and most importantly, the fun of these zones.

I wish there was a way to move the start time to 8 am PT, reset day is brutal in EU.


I actualy prefer to start at 2 AM, because if you go sleep very early day before that, you have basicly 22 hours to play before you go sleep again :slight_smile:


none of these runewords will ever be used except mosaic.

what a literal waste of development time.

You would be dumb to not use some.

why would you ever consider one of those helms over a shako unless you’re trolling around on a shapeshifter having “fun”.

I’ll peobably use some of them on hardcore for a playthrough. None of it is chase endgame gear as intended.

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which is what they should have focused on since players spend a large majority of their time their, it involves trading, and we have enough midgame gear already and not to mention midgame yellows and blues are a fun part of midgame.

Bulwark is great for merc, its cheap, this one will be made a lot. Ground is great against souls, Hustle is quite cheap for good bonuses and very high speed which is not great just for speed of your runs but also for survival on hc. Mosaic can be great but yeah not many people play melee builds so thats very situational RW. Metamorphosis is amazing for shapeshifters but most importantly its must have helm for shock wave druid, with rigjt helm you can get +8 to shock wave which is huge and that build will do serious damage with it now.