Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6—New Rune Words - Has Ended

Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6—New Rune Words Coming Soon

The PTR 2.6 test introduces eight new Rune Words for you to take into the fight against Hell’s armies. Jump into the PTR to experience their might firsthand on January 24 at 10:00 a.m. PST!

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Nice only one I hadn’t seen was Mosaic. I think resistance helms are sort of unusual but certainly a big help if using a sunder charm. Also the bulwark is sort of OP when comparing it to the rarity of Vampire Gaze.

Anyways Hustle looks amazing and so does Metamorphosis. Good work!

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Nice, more runewords to try and band aid underlying issues with the game. Fix melee, fix uniques so that 95% arent Charsi food, fix sets so they are useful again; maybe there would be some build diversity so not every character has the exact same cookie cutter gear. Oh yeah, how about currency stacking that has been requested since before D2R was released. My goodness if modders can get this stuff right, why cant a multi billion dollar company?


Hahaha so thats all for the new season?? Few low lvl runewords that noone really needs after the first day… 4 k hp druids already goes 6-7 k hp druids… WOW, what a game changer… And a sorry attempt on buffing the Martial arts that dont change almost nothing… Really guys i know you try to make something independent from other good ideas on modes like Project diablo 2 but sometimes its good to use the good ideas to make the game feel great again.The rework of Martial arts from Project diablo 2 TOTALY made all the skills in there great and on pair with the top builds without making it overpowered…Just make it that with each hit you unleash a charge (stage) and your problem with Martial arts is solved…At the moment even with these new runewords the only usable build for Assassin is traps… nothing else dont come even close …


I believe this is deliberate… Lootfilter and stackable runes/gems is something sooo demanded that i dont think there is someone who dont like the ideas of these 2…But i guess they are saving it for maybe after 10 season so they can keep us going by feeding us little by little every new season… Otherwise if they implement all the good ideas from the existing mods they will have to think about something original… and that would be hard it seems…


what a garbage set of runewords… game is going down the drain


The new Rune Words are only a portion of the content arriving with Patch 2.6, stay tuned for what else is to come when the Patch officially releases .

This is interesting. They never did this before. Waiting with the full patch notes untill it goes live.


Nice! Was, and still am, hoping for a Barbarian-only runeword one day! I hope the remaining changes are some good QOL. We need stacked runes, gems, keys, organs, essences, etc. Especially with the ladders.

Edit* A currency tab would be even better. To stack your resources in…


Now back to waiting the not revealed remaining portion of this patch

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The problem is, you’re talking about creating a whole new game. I don’t think that was ever the plan with d2r.

In the developer’s notes they say this will help build around the use of sunder charms. Help me understand why the runewords will be added to single player but sunders and terror zones aren’t even a thing in single player. I play a lot offline and I can say I would rather see terror zones and sunders added over these garbage runewords. Tell me I’m wrong…


I really hope you guys have some good news for Barbarians. These runewords won’t help much.


This. F-word new runewords who cares when casters are way better than melees and nearly all unique sucks? Nothing better than seeing that brownish gold color drops but then you find out it sucks.


Why dont they just copy?? Usually its go to to copy concepts that makes games better. Like copying pubgs game design, or lol copying dota heroes designs.

“The problem is, you’re talking about creating a whole new game.”

Adding corpse explosion to a few early and mid game runewords isnt making a whole new game. Balancing uniques isnt a whole new game either, they could just ask some of those forum posters for help like that guy posting proposes on how to balance uniques or even dbrunski since they love streamers.

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A whole new game? Pretty sure patches are for updating existing content to balance out classes and items, which is what I’m suggesting. When you have a bunch of content that is unplayable (poor builds) or not desirable (Tyraels anyone?), why would you not want to tweak them. What I suggest is less crazy than making a bunch of runewords that no one will use.


Superrrrr disappointed with these rune words.

Blizzard you know what we want

Unique rework, melee rework, new ENDGAME runewords, teleport, stash tabs/currency stack, high runes raining from the sky, and censoring TheDarkJedi from the forums.


The other changes of the patch 2.6 cannot be something special, because that changed would have to be tested on PTR. Or Blizzard tries a hardcore ladder start fail again like with Sunder charms?

Anyway, I am so disappointed that uniques and set items are already beyond weak and bad, simply because runewords are getting pushed like crazy. Mark my words, in a few seasons it will be RWs only if Blizzard continues this path.

Nobody will be happy about loot any longer.


yah - they are lackluster and don’t even make a difference to the character i was going to level, im not really seeing the point of playing this ladder at this point… I quote below the only other bit of this announcement that leaves me optimmistic, but I know to set my expectations low

" The new Rune Words are only a portion of the content arriving with Patch 2.6, stay tuned for what else is to come when the Patch officially releases ." -

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Depending on how it’s done it’s not really a whole new game. They could update the base weapon damage for exceptional/elite weapons, do a tuning pass of the skills AR/Damage bonuses, and potentially re-work a few other skills, and get melee in a lot better place, similar to how it was in the 1.08 and 1.09 patches.

Those changes would be on par with things they’ve already done, since they’ve reworked some of the skills and mechanics already in previous D2R patches, and some of these new RW Mosaic and Metamorphasis are adding mechanics not previously seen on D2, which is a bigger mechanics change than the suggested balancing pass by Lucci13.

1.10 introduced a lot of cool RW, skill synergies, and monster buffs, but the buffs weren’t necessarily handed out evenly. Funding for major changes seems to have dried up after 1.10, with only minor things after that, so it doesn’t seem like they really ever got a chance to do a final tuning pass. But we got “stuck” with it for 20 years. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it was an intended core game mechanic though, since again, previous patches and versions didn’t have the huge disparity.

At the end of the day those of us asking for melee to get put more on par with casters still like the overall mechanics, loot hunt, core gameplay, etc. of D2/D2R, but we don’t see a reason that melee should be so much more difficult to progress through the game. Once you have BiS items, melee is great (at least at lower P# games), but casters don’t have to think about a lot of the stats that melee do, and have a much easier progression. Often people make caster characters they don’t necessarily even want to play, just to find items to funnel to the melee characters they do want to play, b/c it’s so much more efficient than trying to ladder start w/ the melee character. To me that’s silly. That said, there are many who think the “challenge” melee has is actually about right. I’m open to other changes that would result in melee and casters being on more equal footing, while targeting the current “challenge” of melee.

The new helm RW do seem to “cancel out” the only downside of Sunders, albeit you have to trade the BiS head slot to do it, so it would add a good option for mid-game before you can counteract the Sunders easily. However your points about SP/offline are very valid. Also I think casters see the most benefit from Sunders, and they typically are able to avoid incoming damage anyway, making that not that bad of a trade off as is. I see the RW going to offline as them being “better” than in the past when so many RW weren’t enabled in Offline. Not having TZ does stink though.