D2:R needs a trading post

The game needs a better way to trade in addition to the current way. Lurking in the game lobby looking for trade games and creating “X for Y” games gets old. I’d love to have a way to easily browse several trade posts or create my own.

Here’s a rough idea on how it would work:

  • The seller post item(s) with a brief message (iso X items). The post lasts 7 days.
  • Anyone can offer item(s) to the seller.
  • All items from the seller and any offers are put in a ‘hold’.
  • Seller pays a gold fee to avoid people posting dumb offers like cracked sashes and to give gold a bit more value.
  • The seller and potential offers can cancel at any time and get their items back, but the sellers gold is not returned.
  • The seller can accept any one offer and at any time, they don’t have to wait the full 7 days. Once the trade is completed, the items are swapped. Any other offers are returned.
  • Perhaps a limit on the maximum amount of active posts to deter “day traders”.

If some sort of trading platform is not added, then trading websites like D2JSP and other 3rd party selling websites will continue to proliferate.

I know that the D3 RMAH failure has a lot of people cautious about the idea, but keep in mind that the RMAH involved real money, this trading post idea does not.

What do you think?


Dont fix what isnt broken, just implement a section on this forum.
D2jsp is successful because of its simplistic system to post up items for a currency, use currency to purchase items you need. Yes you can use real money but most dont, they just sell items they MF and buy what they need.
Dont complicate it. Reset the currency each ladder/allow banked currency to transfer to non-ladder.

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The trading aspect of D2JSP is great, however the big problem with D2JSP is those that have amassed large amounts of fools gold can easily buy their way to the top of the ladder. That’s an unfair advantage to those who do not use D2JSP or don’t have a lot of fools gold. What you sold on the previous ladders should have no impact on future ladders.

I once thought about that trading post idea, pretty much same as your post. It’s defenitely more convenient, which is a good thing on paper.

However, the down side is very soon players will feel like they are playing with a trading house program alone, and not actively engaging, interacting, negoticating with other players. We want players actively engaging, interacting, and negoticating with other players, so overall the game feels active and alive, even if it’s an illusion.

That’s why I think there should be a maximum number of posts that you can do to deter day trading. I’m not saying to abolish the old ways, if they want to stick to the old ways, they can.

People are going to find a way to easily trade somehow, even if it’s through a third party.

So read the very last sentence in my previous post, I addressed that.

Good luck convincing everyone at D2JSP to adopt that plan. :slight_smile:

Why would they matter if its a Blizzard run trade forum?

Heh. I can see that we’re on two different pages.

You are suggesting Blizz runs its own trading post, are you not?

Also please clarify what you mean by “maximum number of posts that you can do to deter day trading”

Punish those who can play during the day?

I think he is saying just transactions per day, that doesn’t really work usually as they just spread it across multiple accounts.

With D3 you could spend all day just watching the RMAH screen, see something cheap show up, immediately buy it, turn around and flip it, and rinse and repeat unlimited amount of times. Limiting that will slow down flipping but only until multiple accounts got setup. It is tricky in these games to have trading but not make it so easy that trading without adding value is all your doing, like a video card/xbox/ps5 resellers were trying to do…

The reason this is a fallacy is because all fg on jsp has been purchase for real money. Those who don’t buy fg are 100% dependent on those who do.

The lobby screen will allow you to search for games with key words so everything’s good

I’ll never use a 3rd party site or trade tool, so I’d love a better system built into the game, or perhaps via a Blizzard controlled website.

I also don’t have the patience to deal with trade forums/chats. If we don’t get a better trade tool I’ll just be hoping I find crap on my own or that a friend finds something. I won’t end up trading much at all besides with friends if we don’t get a better trading tool.

It’s not as though we can argue D2 drop rates are too high to function with a decent trading system. Most people will never get what they want without trading or botting (which won’t be as popular as it was with a cd-key system and the lack of anti-cheating tools Blizzard had 20 years ago). An items to items trading post also isn’t an auction house, so I don’t think any comparisons to D3’s AH would be useful arguments against it.

I don’t think a Blizzard website that facilitates trade is really a major change from original D2. There were trading sites back then, they just weren’t controlled by Blizzard. The ability for the items to be held/automatically moved would also mean we wouldn’t have to deal with trade scam nonsense of people putting the wrong item into the window and what not.

Blizzard should do this and sell its own fg. Put jsp out of business

That would be cool but I don’t think they’re going to do that, personally. I think there’s enough work to be done in finishing the game and this would likely require a lot of work.

Trading in Diablo 2 isn’t broken. Why fix something that works. No one had a probl with the trade system.

Do not make any trade restrictions. It sucks!

Yes, the current way works, but it is slow and inefficient. Trading is a tool, sometimes tools need upgrades.

Would you rather use marks/pebbles or an abacus? An abacus or a slide rule? A slide rule or a calculator? A calculator or a computer? (To play Diablo 2 resurrected on. :smile: )

Lots of people have a problem with d2 trading as is.

some people love the forum to trade on, some do not love RMT.

Personally, I want it to be much easier to advertise items on Bnet 2.0, so players are less likely to go to other sites for trades.

Now wouldnt that be the most hypocritical but brilliant thing they could do… lol I was waiting for someone to say that.